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7 ways choosing NDHGO as you online store builder will get revenues


E-commerce has accelerated online selling stores giving them a chance to reach various customers of different tastes and wants. Physical stores are restricted only to a limited number of customers because of their location. Some constraints bind the customers from visiting the store physically. But now it’s an extremely wow moment for the sellers when they get a golden chance to sell their goods online. The customers are also happy when they get the goods while remaining in their comfort zone. Setting up an own online store can give good revenue to sellers. Various e-commerce platforms like that of NDHGO can open the passage to the online store builder to add to their profit in the form of income. NDHGO can prove to be a very beneficial source of revenue generation in the following ways:

1. Captures and grab many customers:

When advertised through an e-commerce online store builder, online stores tend to get a stronghold on ready and convinced customers. The features displayed attracts the customers and divert their mind from offline purchasing to online purchasing. Diverse customers could be taken quickly in a single loop. Some sort of quiz or lucky draws also helps in collecting customers.

2. Advertising helps!

Advertising done to reach many customers in a single go gives an excellent opportunity to the sellers to make the customers familiar with the products, features, benefits and price. Creating a link for your store and floating it on various social media platforms helps grab customers. Creating your own online store without any hurdles has given an excellent boom to NDHGO. The selling potential of buyers has received a dynamic opportunity. Product-specific advertisements aim for customers and profitable niches right from the start. Advertising could be done by just floating a single link that carries your whole store or personalized e-mails too.

online store builder
7 ways choosing NDHGO as you online store builder will get revenues

3. Feedback and review upgrade the product:

E-Commerce online store builder work ends after the purchase of the goods by the customers and clings on to get the feedback to improve and views that motivate the online store builder to come up with more ideas and unique products. Publishing of opinions and feedback rejuvenates the dormant customers who remain in pitch and toss whether to buy online or not. Word of mouth floats and helps the seller to get referrals quickly. Customers could be starred weekly under the tag of valued customers to give personalized appreciation and attention to them.

4. Offers free delivery:

Once the customer gets convinced and purchases the goods, then the seller must get the goods delivered safely to the customer’s doorstep. The customer feels a personal touch of attention and value when the goods reach him timely and safely. Traditional physical Kirana stores have switched to online Kirana store to avail the facilities given by the e-commerce platform, which would help them expand their business.

5. Simple payment at the ease of customers:

Cashless payment is trending at an incredible speed. Every customer is getting accustomed to paying through safe online modes to avoid bearing cash at their disposition. This facility nurtures them, loyal customers. Even passive buyers come on board to buy the goods and avail the online payment facility.

6. Product listing:

Product listing helps the customer to see when they search for an item. Sellers can add images, description, product category, price, shipping fee and delivery date with the help of the NDHGO online store builder. They can keep track of the goods easily through the given tool. The images posted should be prominent. All the offers and discounts need to be mentioned clearly. Thus, brand awareness is promoted effectively, thereby leading to more sales and more revenues.

7. Sponsored Emails:

The seller should have the zeal to increase his e-mail contact list. Sending the e-mail to potential customers and awakening them to visit the store online help sellers gather customers. It establishes an excellent seller-customer relationship as these e-mails are sent personally to the customers. This strategy can be used even by you if you want to build an online Kirana store. E-mails can be highly effective as it blows user engagement, build customer loyalty, share information and announce the trending and hot new arrivals. Around 99 per cent of customers check their e-mail daily.


The Internet is a robust platform that provides an arena for awareness of e-commerce—millions of people browsing the internet every day, looking for products and services. Online shopping is increasing by leaps and bounds and is peferred as the easiest and convienent form of shopping available at any time any place. Besides, an e-commerce online store builder permits you to use a variety of business model and marketing strategies to entice visitors so that they stick to your store, purchase your stuff, and provide valuable feedback and reviews.