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9 best Online Store Website Templates


A professional website is the cornerstone of a healthy online store. However, if you’ve never built a website before or have inadequate technical capabilities, starting afresh can seem daunting, if not unachievable. Fortunately, whatever platform you choose to make your online store on, there are many website themes and templates to choose from. 

The website designs we’ve included in this piece will make constructing your most fabulous digital shop enjoyable and straightforward, no matter what sort of design you’re looking for—sleek and elegant, vintage and antique chic, bold and trendy, or everything between. If looking for great templates and designing an online store builder is the best option to go for.

Design, identity, and advertising are more crucial than they have ever been. With the advent of no-code solutions, the issue is no longer building an online store website but instead designing and advertising it.

Here are 9 eye-catching website layouts that will work the best in 2021:

  1. ASTRA-  If you plan to build your own online store and look for website templates, ASTRA has you covered. It is one of the most preferred and effective WordPress themes, and it’s a popular choice among eCommerce business owners that use the platform. Astra is entirely customisable and compatible with Elementor and LMS platforms and online store builders. It includes a lot of functionality, a lot of theme possibilities, and it’s mobile-friendly.
  1. UNERO- Unero is one of the most excellent Shopify online store website templates. It’s accessible on ThemeForest and features a sleek and straightforward design that emphasises your items. Endless colour schemes, goods comparisons, a mini basket, a complimentary wishlist app, a product carousel, and other features are included.
  1. PRODUCTOS- Productos has a seamless flow because of its soft colour palette, fluid animations, and abundant space. In this modern and minimalist website template, there’s plenty of chance to display your products. Of course, you can always change the colours to represent your company better, but the default colour scheme is pleasing to the eye. This multipurpose template was created with a pleasant yet uncomplicated feel in mind. The most suitable form of the template when looking at website designs for your online Kirana store is a fictional yoghurt firm. This could work for other small businesses looking to open an internet store.
  1. JEVELIN- Jevelin is a functional WordPress-online store builder template. It comes with demo websites and page themes that you can use to get your website up rapidly operative. Now is the time to add your information and customise. Jevelin is driven by the WooCommerce plugin series and comes with everything you’ll need to start building your own online store. It’s also mobile-friendly.
  1. HAAT- Haat is a clean, well-designed online website template with customisable homepage layouts, web fonts, and additional pages. The theme is entirely flexible, SEO-friendly, and comes with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to construct your gorgeous own online store without any coding skills.
  1. JAYLA- Jayla is a WordPress online store builder with a basic design. It’s based on the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and comes with everything you’ll need to start selling physical and virtual goods and services online. Jayla also includes store demos that you may use to create and configure your site easily. There are numerous customising features and settings available.
  1. NEVE- Neve is another multifunctional Website template that comes with pre-built components to help you get your site up and running quickly. Neve provides the tools required to make selected design function throughout setup.  These themes are SEO-friendly, speed-optimized, and works with Elementor and Visio.
  1. HONGO- Hongo has a large number of pre-designed brands and themes that may be used for almost any online store. There are even store demos with eCommerce and overall designs and colour options available.  Everything is simply adjustable, so whether you’re beginning with one of the storefront samples or launching an item, Hongo will make it simple.
  1. FLATSOME- Flatsome is one of the most popular website templates that can change your business game and take it to the next level by giving it a user-friendly online presence. Users adore the template’s live page builder, which allows you to construct and personalise the digital shop of your desires utilising Flatsome’s collection of 30+ content modules. There are almost 300 readymade pages, and themes included. 


As the prominence of stores, particularly online Kirana stores, grow, increasingly merchants will follow the footsteps of online stores currently widely information on the web, making it more necessary than ever to create a strong digital shop that appeals to the customers you want. You can develop swiftly and easily establish a high-performing and appealing website with any of the above-discussed website templates on this list.