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Is Ahmedabad ready to order groceries online?

Reasons to go to our online Grocery store builder

Reason 1: less air pollution

The main factor that makes online grocery ordering online is that we usually don’t hitchhike or pick up our friends while shopping online. It’s mostly an individual trip that each family takes at least once a week.

Imagine how many emissions we are generating? In addition, the survey found that food delivery services can reduce emissions by twenty to seventy-five per cent compared to individual travel. As delivery is usually done by van or bus, multiple orders can be arranged and managed simultaneously.

A recent survey found that in 88% of households, people get into cars to buy groceries, driving at a speed of four miles to their favourite store. All these car trips cause carbon pollution – more than 17 million tons of CO2 comes from car exhaust just going to and from the supermarket.

Reason 2: Less use of plastic packaging

Another aspect that can help respect the environment is reusable packaging with our online Grocery store, which we can return on the next delivery. This defeats the purpose of plastic bags and cardboard boxes and dramatically reduces the waste generated. Replanting any leftover food (e.g. chives, potatoes and avocados) you have is an excellent option as they are high in compost.

Organic is also acceptable for you and the environment. This is because certified organic items are prepared without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, other synthetic fertilizers and sewage sludge. Soil health is also continuously monitored through methods such as composting, crop rotation and complementary planting. Soil health does not decrease with each harvest.

Using recyclable paper bags for packaging is also a great way to reduce pollution and environmental imbalance caused by waste. If you generally look at all the packages that arrive at your house packed in paper bags with paper seals, they can be reused. This process will not harm the environment, as they decompose quickly without causing any harm to the environment.

Reason 3: less shipping costs with fresh groceries

Also, another thing to take care of is that when you shop online, the store ships the item directly from a warehouse. While, when you visit a store, you have an additional cost and the usual shipping costs.

According to a study, packaging accounts for 22% of the carbon footprint of an item purchased online; customer shipping accounts for 65% of the emissions when buying a similar thing in a retail store.

An MIT study also suggests that shoppers who completed the entire online shopping process had nearly double the carbon footprint of a traditional shopper. Physical stores also require more energy and maintenance.

Technological advances are transforming everything from ordering groceries online to tracking products during the delivery process and product personalization. And the next big tech trend is driverless delivery with electric vehicles and drones.

Six reasons to buy from NDHGO online grocery store

1.       You can easily order your groceries at any time anywhere, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

2.       Delivery is to your local kitchen or cabinet with e-shopping.

3.       Choose a time frame of 1 or 2 hours for convenience.

4.       Stores ship the best quality and freshness to minimize issues.

5.       Able to avoid the problem of crowds and parking queues at the store.

6.       Get the best prices; search for offers online at your convenience.

Our online Grocery store has the option of home delivery. Most stores offer a two-hour time frame for delivery or collection of food; some may reduce it to just an hour, but we deliver by the fastest route and within time. This makes the service very convenient.

No more queues or parking problems

Buying with NDHGO online grocery store means no checkout lines to pay, no hassles with parking while finding a parking space at the mall, and no in-store crowd management if you need to shop at peak times.