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What is the average grocery budget for a family of five?

Groceries are something that we all require. Unfortunately, they’re also an expenditure that may rapidly build up and throw your household budget off track if you’re not attentive. The good news is that food shopping on a budget is possible with a few basic calculations and intelligent budgeting. Unfortunately, food is such a personal, unique experience that it’s difficult to provide universal tips on saving money on it. Instead, your monthly grocery budget is determined by the following criteria, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

  • The number of individuals that live in your home
  • Each individual’s age and gender
  • Your household’s monthly budget
online grocery
What is the average grocery budget for a family of five_

The USDA’s food plan cost guide includes online grocery budget suggestions for four different spending levels: frugal, low-cost, moderate, and liberal. Based on the government agency’s recommendations, the average grocery budget for a family of five might need penny squeezing and careful preparation, depending on your budget. Each month, a family with two adults and two children aged 2 to 5 may anticipate spending between $590 and $1,150. The figure rises from $675 to $1,340 for homes with two adults and two children aged 6 to 11 years.

Food shopping on a budget may be frightening, especially if you’re used to buying at the supermarket at your leisure. However, a little forethought goes a long way. You’ll be an expert in no time if you know how much to budget for food and start using some simple strategies to save.

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