Why NDHGO is one of the best e-commerce store builder in India?


NDHGO platform enables a business, either small or large, to switch online in less than a minute. It aims to provide an online store to India’s 60 million small businesses. You can quickly build an online store and utilize the various tools which empower you to with different embedded themes compete with the various e-commerce sources. You can create your online store using your phone. Build up a catalogue and sharing the link on various social media platforms makes your store highly compatible. If you are searching for a great free platform to sell your products online, then you are at the correct point. NDGHO is the best choice for the same. It has proved to be one of the best e-commerce store builder. This company has reached its height through uninterrupted, smooth and collateral for an offline store.

Reasons why NDHGO is the best e-commerce store builder:

1. Simple technology:

The technology involved in this is elementary and can easily be understood even by a new person. Its adoption is hassle-free. It could be accessed easily with the help of a guide provided which shows the step-by-step procedure for the same.

2. Round the clock customer support for your business:

Customer support is always available 24X7 to help the customers and to answer their queries. All the lacunas and doubts could easily be solved and settled with the help of a customer support system. This uninterrupted long term service paves the way for you to build your online store. The redressal of grievances is done quickly through the online grievance cell.

3. Quick and easy set up steps:

NDGHO can be set even on your mobiles very quickly. Fantastic online stores could be generated and shared easily with the help of this, no matter it is an online Kirana store or any other store. Being just one click away system helps you to advertise your products online and grab customers. Just sitting at home, you can enter the markets with just one click.

4. Accept payment online – credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc.

This system allows online payment through credit cards, debit cards etc. Cashless payment relieves the customers from the risk of carrying cash to do in-store shopping. Apart from this, the payment is safe, secure and trustworthy too.

5. Wide network:

You can reach numerous customers by sharing your online store on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, wats app etc. The chain of connectivity becomes quite long and can sweep customers to you. The customers get linked through extravagant benefits by getting connected through NDHGO.

6.Easy access and free of cost:

NDGHO has easy accessibility and is free to use. No commission or fees is charged for using it. It has various professional designs which give an entirely new look to your business store. Your store gets a catalogue look from where the customers can see and select with different embedded themes. 

7. Showcases the benefits and uses:

NDGHO has many featured benefits and uses exhibited and showcased to attract people to set up their online store and advertise it on social platforms.

8. Accelerates buying:

If you create an online Kirana store choosing NGDHO as the e-commerce store builder medium, the customers can save time while shopping. They can easily browse varied items as per their requirements. They can also seek to find the things which are not available in offline physical stores.

9. Cost-effectiveness:

Sellers can save a lot as they can escape from shop display and upkeep. They do not have to hire many employees and hence can earn more income. Moreover, they do not have to spend a lot to promote their goods. Using an e-commerce store builder, you can advertise your products worldwide.

10. Flexibility for the customer:

Selling online through e-commerce makes the business customer-oriented. The services are available 24X7 for them. The seller can offer his item any time, anywhere. The customers can replace the items easily if required. The customers can also give feedback to improve and share their mixed reviews.

11. Comparative study of price:

The customers who are fond of ordering online can conduct a comparative study of the price of the same commodity of various online selling apps and wisely decide what to purchase.

12. Information about the new trends:

Customers browsing online stores remain aware of the new and latest trends. The sellers become aware of the customers’ demand and respond accordingly.    

13. Better sustainability:

Setting a business through e-commerce gives better sustainability to all business sellers. Even an online Kirana store can flourish and survive with perfection due to the availability of expanded customers needing daily essentials now and then.

Watch how to create your online store with NDHGO-


NDHGO is one of the best e-commerce store builder as it tends to create a vital medium for merchants and shop owners to exchange and sell their goods. They get a chance to approach maximum customers at a time. Easy accessibility, numerous products, discounts, and the features illustrated through it makes it a very reliable channel for sellers and customers.