For e-commerce websites, email marketing is among the most lucrative platforms. Email accounts for 19% of all sales for most organisations. When you boil it down, targeted marketing emails generate roughly $1 for every four subscribers. 

The more subscribers you possess, the more sales volume you will generate. That is why lead generation is so crucial for small businesses.

There are many free and low-cost alternatives to swiftly produce new leads if you start from zero or extend an existing subscriber list.

The top 11 ways to expand your e-commerce store’s email addresses list are listed below.

Pop-up windows on websites-

Using web pop-ups is among the most straightforward ways to expand a business email addresses list. You can continuously turn traffic to leads by providing something worthwhile in return for the site visitors’ email addresses. Conventional pop-ups that offer deals and newsletters often turn fewer than 2% of visitors, whereas content-powered pop-ups convert 5 to 20% of traffic. As a result, you can probably give a voucher to viewers to your site and an item of intriguing information to those who read your blog.

Lead magnet content-

Buyers can benefit from lead magnet content at any point in the e-commerce sales pipeline. For example, if you want to increase your list rapidly, you can provide top-of-funnel recognition information about topics related to your market rather than information about your goods. A lead magnet can be beneficial to any online store. A lead magnet is a property designed to attract leads, as the name suggests.  Use bottom-of-the-funnel content if you want to drive more focused prospects who are already considering making a purchase.

Blog Content That Has Been Locked-

Locking your site’s content is a quick and easy technique to attract readers without publishing any new. Place a form in front of a blog article using tools. We had over 30% of readers turn to members when we did this on our blog! Keep in mind that not all of your blog’s material should be locked. Instead, only lock posts that you’re actively promoting with lead-generating ad campaigns (vs clicks). You are also available with the option to limit access to material to visitors who fulfil particular criteria.

Modifications to the Content-

A content upgrade are a lead generator used to attract reading an encrypted blog post. The goal is to connect useful blog entries with related information to entice users to share their email addresses. Modifications to information don’t have to belong, be complicated, or be well-designed. They can be PDFs, infographics, or even Google Docs. The most critical factor is that they are useful to your viewers and relate to the content with which they are matched.

Interactive content-

Interactive material, such as games and quizzes, is a fantastic method to get new email addresses subscribers. For example, to recommend products to prospective clients, Various companies employ a quiz. When you visit their site, the quiz is the very first thing you notice. It’s not only quizzes, though. There are limitless ways to increase your mailing list with interactive content, from spreadsheets to product suggestion engines. If you offer reusable straws, for instance, you could make a spreadsheet that tells customers how much pollution they’ll save if they stop using throwaway straws.

Referral Programs-

According to recent research, 78 per cent of consumers believe referrals from friends and family, but only 33% trust advertising. So it’s no surprise that referral programmes are so famous for increasing company recognition and sales. You can’t just start emailing referrals at random because of modern privacy laws like GDPR. Make sure you just send one recommendation email addresses to stay compliant. That’s your chance to receive specific permission to contact those prospective clients, and if they’re not, don’t bother emailing them anymore.


Competitions and prizes are an excellent approach to getting email addresses subscribers rested in your product. You may develop your list and promote to potential clues via mail for free by offering a successful product or a gift voucher to your store. Giveaways can indeed be costly, but they don’t have to be. One $50 gift card could be all you need to engage new consumers and add them to your mailing list. Make careful to check your city ordinances before launching your personal giveaway.

Discounts & Coupons-

The most popular method for e-commerce stores to develop their mailing lists is to provide first-time consumers rewards. Although it’s a tested strategy, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Discounts eat away your profitability, which can make a small company untenable. They also can lower the perceived value of your brand among consumers.

Reward programmes

Rewards programmes have long been thought to be a good method to build customer loyalty and make users returning. That isn’t all they do, though. Rewards programmes are also an effective technique to turn site visitors into paying customers and, eventually, consumers.

Win by spinning the wheel-

The possibility of winning — and, oddly enough, the uncertainties that accompany it — offers the euphoric feeling that makes gambling so enticing. So put a spin to win wheel on your site to take advantage of this psychological phenomenon in a much less harmful way.

Subscribe to our newsletter-

You almost certainly have a sign-up webpage if you issue a monthly or weekly newsletter. But, realistically, how many individuals are filling it out? Many online companies hide their registration forms at the bottom or on a blank sheet. Instead, place your form in a notification bar at the top of your site.


That’s it: 11 strategies to grow your e-commerce store’s email addresses list by converting site users into customers. 

You may then use email addresses to keep in contact with your customers as a free marketing tool. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always actually send out occasional product emails.