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7 things your customers think about online Kirana stores

online kirana store


We all live in the digital era. The Government is aiming hard to bring the Web’s perks to every home in the country. Everything nowadays is accessible online, from consumables to electronics. Consumers and their needs are also evolving.

The typical person’s salary is increasing, providing them greater purchasing power. People prefer buying more from online Kirana stores.

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Consumers in metropolitan areas have indeed begun to make online purchases. Consumers in semi cities are gradually catching up with rising demand. They now demand more tailored purchasing alternatives.

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Shopping Experiences That Are Not the Same

On the one hand, physical and mortar stores provide an utterly different purchasing process with more personal contact and feelings. Still, internet shopping provides consumers with even more choice and emotion-free purchasing at their leisure. Thus, it’s a titanic battle between two very different retail systems.

Consumers who buy groceries offline spend time outdoors, far from their stressful lives. Consumers may save energy in their hectic lives by buying online and putting it to good use. A mix of both media provides the optimum customer experience.

Omnichannel marketing makes this feasible. Local Kirana shops are collaborating with online Kirana stores to offer omnichannel grocery shopping to their customers. The shops will be able to expand their customer base as a result of this.

online kirana store
7 things your customers think about online kirana stores

E-commerce and online platforms are on the rise.

The online food sales platform benefits from lower internet costs, easy accessibility, and the growth of smartphones. These networks are referred to as e-commerce platforms. In addition, online marketplaces provide a wide selection of product categories and pricing points from which to choose.

Traditional Kirana stores continue to operate in the same way they have for generations. However, consumers now have more online purchasing alternatives, which puts them up against stiff competition. In addition, having an online presence allows you to take advantage of the numerous applications of user-friendly technology in the workplace.

Lack of trust

Many internet shops lack an adequate delivery infrastructure, as well as product safety and supply chain management. Furthermore, they have a complex return policy. Because of these concerns, most customers avoid making purchases from online Kirana stores. The typical Indian attitude is to inspect and feel goods before purchasing them.

Online doorstep delivery 

Furthermore, internet markets require physical warehouses to supply their items. They also require an additional mechanism for delivering items to customers’ doorsteps. The click and collect approach is a great way to cut down on the expense of selling online while also eliminating the need to worry about delivery.

Multiple payment modes

Customers go to online Kirana stores with the thought in mind that they will use multiple payment modes and options, and that is true they are attracted towards to it as they are met with features of several payments modes such as e-wallets, credit & debit cards, net transfer and more as per customers preferences and choices.

Huge variety

Customers get a massive variety of options when buying groceries from the online Kirana store. A wide variety of goods and services are offered, easy shopping per your choices and preferences from the product category and line. The store is divided into categories and sections from veg, frozen, beverages, pulses, dairy to non-veg commodities, making it easier for customers to shop online.

Easy return and refund

Customers are still in a dilemma about buying groceries online because of refunds of damaged products or returns. But now these problems are sorted, the online Kirana stores provide you with easy return, exchange and refund options. Moreover, any damaged product will be exchanged or refined within a day.

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Nothing can thrive in the modern age without the help of digital technology. You may also use social media to wow your customers and persuade them to buy at your store. The business can be located anywhere, whether it is an internet marketplace or a physical Kirana store or supermarket. Today’s consumer is willing to shop through any channel until he is pleased with the product’s quality and has the most incredible methods possible purchase experience.

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Some FAQ’s about Online Kirana Store

Ques– When should you buy groceries from Kirana stores?

Ans– Wednesdays and Thursdays are good days to shop for groceries as these two days the stores are less crowded, which helps in shopping better.

However, if you can’t take time to shop mid-week, then prefer shopping on Saturday’s instead of Sunday’s. 

Ques: Why we should prefer buying from online stores?

Ans– There is n number of advantages when we shop from online stores. From detailed information of product to doorstep step delivery to discounts and many more. 

We can compare various brands without any hassles and could shop for the best brands and primarily worth it because it saves our time and efforts. 

Ques-What are some advantages of making a Kirana store item list before shopping?

Ans– making a list of required items saves the cost of purchasing – by doing so, we will only buy the necessary grocery and avoid buying unnecessary stuff. 

Secondly- sometimes, when we go to a grocer shop without a list, then there are high chances that we forget the essentials and end up buying random items. These two scenarios teach us to carry your Kirana store item list when visiting a grocery store. 

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