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8 Apps Every Restaurateur Can’t Live Without



An app exists for everything nowadays, from inventory control to restaurant organizing and staff training to social media streaming. But, to select from the endless list of “best apps for restaurant owners,” it’s difficult to separate the “greats” from the “pulls.”

With keeping things in consideration, we’ve whittled our selection down to eight applications that will make your life simpler, your business more profitable, and, most significantly, keep your consumers coming back for more.


Your eatery needs an active social presence in today’s world. But, on top of your regular responsibilities, how will you handle all of the required posting, interaction, and customer relations? Hootsuite is the answer. Hootsuite is a simple yet effective social media management application that enables you to monitor all of your social pages from a single, user-friendly platform.


 You will need an IOS device to use the software that every bar owner has been seeking. With its easy liquor inventory control capabilities, Partender assists owners, executives, and waiters reduce shrinkage. Simply input your liquor offers, measure the precise quantity in each bottle, and upload the information to the cloud.


Many guests would not consider visiting a restaurant without first reading ratings on a user-generated review site such as Yelp. These sites are far more effective than every social media feed, and they have been proved to have a significant impact on consumer conduct, trust, and the buying process in general. In addition, diners may leave reviews on Yelp, which companies can react to internally or externally.


Is there a planning conflict at your restaurant? 7Shifts, a restaurant-specific personnel scheduling software, can assist you in solving all of your scheduling problems. From the 7Shifts main screen, your personnel may install the software to their phone, giving them access to future shifts, planned flexibility, and time-off requests.


This revolutionary software is a to-do list management app that is simple to use. Recurring tasks, sub-functions, and even notifications may all be added. Within the app, you can quickly invite other workers or supervisors to participate in your listed addition. In addition, Wunderlist allows you to plan your day by breaking everything down into little, manageable pieces.


NexTable is an excellent opportunity for any host or hostess since it gives you complete control over your bookings and table management, allowing you to prepare for your busy shift beforehand. In addition, NexTable provides you with a unique texting platform and a comprehensive Client Relationship Management system, allowing you to interact and advertise to your client base continuously.


The NoWait app alleviates wait time complaints by giving hungry customers real-time information about the waiting period at your business and enables neighbouring app users to join a virtual queue. Then, when the user’s table is ready, an alert will be sent to them. The app also helps collect consumer feedback and allows guests to assess their eating experience after the meal.


TouchBistro combines the ease and choice of a mobile app with the capabilities and capability of a traditional POS. TouchBistro includes complete order administration, a customised menu, staff scheduling, inventory control, and extensive reporting features.


A faster, more effective restaurant might be just a few clicks away, so try out a few of the useful apps and discover why so many restaurant operators are raving about them.

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