Beginning an eCommerce site is certainly a decent choice for any entrepreneur. If you are selling online on or on social media, you ought to certainly have your online store on a confided in eCommerce platform. Indian eCommerce is developing dramatically, with the market worth of the web-based business industry in India being roughly 469 crore rupees in 2020. This number was assessed to increase by 2027 significantly. Therefore, possessing a site for your online business has become simpler than any other time. In 2021, there will be various best eCommerce platform in india to look over to begin your eCommerce store.

In any case, you should invest your energy in picking which one is best for your business. Never pick a platform since it’s famous. Other ways need to be considered, like the website’s features, going through their free resources, and checking whether they have a local community of entrepreneurs who trust them.

Picking the best eCommerce platform is one of the main choices you will make for your online business.

Factors to consider when picking the best eCommerce platform in India

  • Since you realize which sort of stage you want, it’s an ideal opportunity to go through various platforms and take a look at the features. These are the 7 fundamental highlights to search for while picking the best eCommerce platform.
  • Search for a platform that is not difficult to set up and simple to plan. You need the capacity to catch the vibe of your remarkable image completely, so investigate the various templates every platform offers. Templates are extraordinary because they don’t expect you to recruit outside help (costly!), and they don’t expect you to be a plan pro to make an expert look and offer an intense expression.
  • Having an excessive number of choices can feel like a staggering weight—like the oat walkway at the supermarket. Be that as it may, regarding coordination for online business stages, having plenty of choices to browse can be a cheerful advantage, particularly assuming your business is hoping to develop. Search for a platform that incorporates your other existing frameworks and marketing channels. 
  • Regarding how clients connect with the online business industry, one pattern is completely clear: Mobile shopping has turned into the standard. As indicated by, by 2021, worldwide versatile retail income is projected to reach $3.56 billion (up to $2.2 billion from 2017) what’s more, as per 2019’s first quarter aftereffects of gadgets utilized when shopping, cell phones represented an incredible 65% of retail site visits.
  •  A few platforms accompany standard monthly expenses, others offer flat rates, some charge per transaction, and some online business platforms even require extra expenses for application memberships. Before you focus on a platform, get your work done, gauge the upsides and downsides, and adhere to your budget, so you have space to grow.
  • When clients are looking for a specific item or service, such as what your store sells, it should be straightforward for them to locate your company. If you’re a new online company store or a small business, you need to make sure that your online store ranks high in indexed lists. To do so, look for an SEO-friendly online business platform where you can use your domain name, add a blog, and collect customer reviews to help naturally drive customers to your brand.
  •  Your ONLINE store is occupied with bringing in cash, so it’s critical to screen your store’s performance. Search for an internet business platform that assists you with watching the entirety of the significant things—number of deals, payment strategies, order amounts, and much more—and shows details in a straightforward format. As an online business entrepreneur, the last thing you need is to play the numbers speculating game.
  • It is difficult for your online clients to pay for an item or service. How are you going to make a few bucks (or the maple bacon doughnut)? PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, and Stripe are a couple of well-known payment passages for online business stores. Make certain to think about what types of payment you’re willing to take while looking for the best eCommerce platform.
  • If the terms HTML, CSS, and JavaScript sound more like resigned maritime boats to you, it may very well be brilliant to search for an eCommerce platform that offers a strong customer support team. Your online store will be advanced, and if you’re new to the scene, it pays to have genuine humans who can address your inquiries.

 Choosing the best eCommerce platform for your business

Since you have an idea of the features required in an eCommerce store, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick one for your business. But how to pick the best eCommerce platform? It relies on your business and its objectives.

Here are a few things to remember while picking an eCommerce platform for your online business:

  • What are your business objectives? How would you see your image later on? Assuming you are developing as a recognizable brand, you will require a site with CRM and marketing highlights.
  • Convenience: How educated would you say you are? Will you deal with the site without help from anyone else, or will you have a group of specialists?
  • Consider your client’s way to buy. Layout how your client can finish a buy without a hitch and effectively. This will give you an idea of how you need your online store to be.
  • Assess costs–Being an independent venture, you don’t need a platform that eats into your income. Normal expenses for an eCommerce site are payment handling charges, adding integrations costs, possible expenses for customer care, upkeep cost, and updating costs. Decide on a financial plan and search for platforms that fit your budget.

Some best e-commerce platforms for your business in India

  1. The most famous facilitated e-commerce platform today, Shopify, is an all-rounder E-trade website builder. Shopify engages more than 1 million clients. According to a report by eCommerce platforms, there are more than 500000 “dynamic” Shopify stores.
  1. Bigcommerce is another e-commerce based platform that fits enormous software enterprises. Altogether, 60,000 sites are based on Bigcommerce. Without much of a stretch, you can coordinate with more than 65 payment passages given by Bigcommerce. Simple optimization of the shopping cart on cell phones. With the accessibility of Bigcommerce, you will want to sell on different sites like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. It also comes with Improved search engine optimization tools.
  1. A non-facilitated eCommerce platform, Magento is widely made for the coders who are watching out for an adaptable and amazing framework that is modifiable. There are more than 2,70,000 retailers that settle on Magento. Magento is one of the most well known online store-building platforms, and it covers 20% of all eCommerce shops, making it one of the most famous eCommerce platforms.
  1. A reasonable and adaptable eCommerce platform, the Wix platform is an incredible choice to consider while moving to an online business. The platform has logo creators who are not difficult to utilize. The upgrade is required on the off chance that you hope to extend your capacity or eliminate advertisements by Wix. You are not restricted to long term plans. Your site is secured, and the speed time additionally doesn’t get diminished. 


An eCommerce platform will be the foundation of your business. The best eCommerce platform is the one that effectively conveys the results and goals that you have set for your business. Picking an eCommerce platform is certifiably not a one-size-fits-all choice. The platform that suits your business relies on your particular requirements and technical expertise.

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