When the money in your pocket runs out, a credit card is an essential plastic item that becomes your beloved companion. A credit card sticks by you when cash and money at the bank become nullified, whether you’re purchasing, vacationing, or fulfilling emergency demands. And, in today’s world, the range of credit cards accessible seems unlimited.

Isn’t it a difficult job to choose from such a long list? Recognising this challenge, we’ve compiled a list of the best credit cards for online shopping. These cards provide cashback, discounts, refunds, free cinema tickets, and a whole lot more to pique your attention as a shopper. So, why not have a look at the enigmatic list of cards and pick the one that best suits your buying needs?

SimplySAVE SBI Card

SimplySAVE SBI Card is among the few best credit card payments in India that will cater covering nearly every size of the Indian consumer, So Get it as quickly as possible. 

It has increased the benefits for cinemas, grocers, and dining, among other things. 

With INR 90,000 in annual spending, the annual fee is reversed.


The card is one of the best gasoline cards in India because it offers 13X reward points on petrol purchases at BPCL stations and a 1% fuel levy waiver on vehicle refills. 

On the receipt of the membership fee, you will receive a welcome bonus of 2,000 activation bonus cashback worth INR 500. 

It enhanced the incentive system with 5X benefits on food and other retail purchases.

ICICI HPCL Coral Credit Card is a credit card issued by ICICI Bank. 

Every INR 100 spent on retail goods (excluding gasoline) earns you 2 PAYBACK credits. For a fuel purchase of INR 500, redeem 2,000 PAYBACK credits. A high-end gas card is featuring charge exemption and redemption. On retail purchases, you can earn rewards and rebates. Food and movie tickets are both discounted.

Doctor’s Superia Credit Card from HDFC 

Do you realise why this card is ranked among India’s top credit cards? One of its causes is the 1,000 reward credits you receive as a welcome bonus when you sign up.  Spend INR 15,000 during the first 90 days of card creation and INR 1 lakh during the year before renewal to get your membership and renewal fees refunded. In addition, the lounge entrance is free and Reward points for retail purchases.

Citibank Citi cashback credit card

A cashback card allows you to save money on retail purchases, cinema tickets, and other similar purchases. 

When you buy cinema tickets, pay your phone bill, or pay for other utilities, you can get 5% cashback. Also, consumers at restaurants offering up to 15% off.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Every INR 150 purchased at shopping malls earns you 5% cashback. Earn money on grocery and retail shop purchases, as well as a few Rapid incentives and periodic cashback and discounts on top brands.


With so many deals and bonuses on each credit card, making decisions regarding credit cards for online shopping in 2021 can be difficult. As a result, you should examine your spending patterns and select the card that best meets your demands.