A restaurant is the ideal setting for pampering your taste sensations. However, there are already a plethora of restaurants, cafés, food joints, and other establishments. Selecting the perfect eatery to satisfy and treat your taste senses can be difficult. We can notice hints of online food virtually everywhere – on our Facebook newsfeeds, Insta feeds, and other social media platforms.

As the market becomes more competitive, restaurants and food businesses strive to develop innovative ways to stay afloat. They have a significant difficulty in not just attracting new consumers but also keeping existing ones. In this situation, you must distinguish yourself from other food establishments. Go for an internet presence in addition to your physical existence, offerings, and hospitality.

Get a restaurant app to set yourself apart from the competition and to communicate with your customers.

Many company owners want something similar to Zomato/Swiggy for their food service when it comes to restaurant apps. Do you intend to prepare one? Do you have a budget problem?

Let’s take a quick look at the cost of developing a Zomato/Swiggy-like mobile app:

A mobile app like Zomato/ Swiggy may cost anything between $6500 and $11,000 to build. Because Zomato/Swiggy is database software, it will cost more to build than basic restaurant applications. The following criteria determine the price of a restaurant app.

App Platform (Android, iOS, or Windows):

The cost of developing a Zomato-like app for iOS differs from Android. T the average per hour price of developing a mobile app for different operating systems (by region) in US dollars.

Design of the App:

In the case of a restaurant app, it must have a user-friendly and compelling design to attract repeat customers, which necessitates modern technology. Based on your requirements, the cost of designing may vary from case to instance.

App Functionality:

Each sector has its own set of requirements for features and capabilities. Providing reviews and ratings is beneficial for restaurant apps, table reservations, food ordering, and deliveries. Again, the price is determined by the features you desire.

App creators:

The cost of employing a developer is determined by the designer’s skill level in a particular platform. A mobile app developer in the United States costs about $107,000 per year, but hiring a competent app developer in India costs only $4,400 per year.


As a result, critically examine your restaurant and food firm’s needs in all aspects before selecting an app development supplier.