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Features that could make your fitness app popular like cultfit


The pandemic had forced us to stay at home and do things by sitting at home. But what has most affected people is their health. The constant urge to binge-watch the Netflix series on your couch to work from home sitting for hours on your laptop have all contributed to poor health and a lousy body. While the gyms and fitness centres were shut down, individuals had nowhere to go to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, investing in fitness apps can be a lucrative idea to think of. Health and fitness apps have become quite popular in the past few years because of the use of smartwatches and fitness tracker gadgets. The demand has only skyrocketed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People have resorted to using health and fitness apps to stay in shape and fit. 

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The statistics show that the downloads of the health and fitness apps have grown by 67 per cent in the year 2020 itself. So, if you are someone from the fitness industry or are planning a startup, then creating a fitness app like cult fit might be a good option. But before investing in a fitness app, it is important to understand the features that would make the app popular, like some famous fitness apps like cult fit.

There are various wellness applications- weight reduction applications, nutrition and diet applications, on-demand fitness coach applications, exercising and workout applications, etc. To conclude the fitness application features, you should first decide the kind of application you need to foster. Nonetheless, the following can be considered as the fundamental features that can be included in all types of applications:

  1. As wellness applications serve people, personal account creation is the preeminent component to consider. The end clients should be worked with the chance to have a singular account where they can take care of their information, pick every one of the components/facilities they need, and track their journey conveniently. It’s a good idea to keep the profile-building process simple and consistent. The process should be simple and less time-consuming. The most ideal way to give compelling account creation services is to allow the clients to join by email and utilise social media credentials. This will facilitate the process while assisting you in gathering the necessary data and use. Aside from this, on the off chance that you design a fitness application with membership choices, let clients store billing information and pay easily using a payment gateway incorporated into your versatile application.
  1. Integrating your application into wearables like smartwatches and wrist bands will enable you to screen the client’s steps, heartbeat rate, pulse rate continuously and give significant advice utilizing these insights. Tip: There are different public APIs and developers kits for incorporating wearables into your wellness application, similar to Misfit, Garmin Wellness and Pebble. Figure out which one is suitable for your application handling and anticipate utilizing it.
  1. Very much like the cult fit, you can likewise include multi-gadget synchronization in your application. This component will be profoundly valued when the client doesn’t have the synchronized health tracker but needs to work out. Allowing them to sync up another gadget will simplify them to rehearse strictly and receive the benefits. This will support customer loyalty.
  1. Each client has different body features, needs and expectations. Giving them a similar fitness course will not be ideal. In this way, it is essential to work with them with the help of personalization. Allow them to set their targets and timetable, decide which exercise/action they need to practice and when, what supplements they will allow during this course, etc. When wellness applications give customized features, clients will more often than not be more steady, and thus, the application circulates the web.
  1. An audio/video tutorial can help you get the most out of your workout. An aide, like an instructor, will help the fitness mobile application clients comprehend the correct method for doing activity and workout. This will reduce the risk of injuries because of improper postures, support their experience and inspire them to perform exercises daily.
  1. Music in the gym and wellness stations make losing calories more fun, isn’t that so? Imagine a scenario where you could get a similar vibe in a mobile application. With the idea of gamification, you can undoubtedly add fun components to your application handling, making it captivating. By fusing various elements like Badges, Rewards, Leaderboards, and Progress bar, you can expand the client acquisition and consistency standard.
  1. Your fitness app’s feature list should include social media sharing. Whenever clients share their objectives and accomplishments within the application, they will have a decent outlook on utilizing the application and do ‘verbal’ marketing. In addition, individuals in their social media networks will learn about your application and use it, which implies economic brand mindfulness and advertising.
  1. Recording the daily association of the application with the client is likewise a significant component to consider while planning a wellbeing and fitness mobile application. The recorded details illuminate fitness freaks how much calories they have reduced and how long is expected to arrive at their chosen objective. This supercharges them to be more dynamic and exercise strictly.
  1. While planning a wellness application for iPhone or Android, developers should guarantee straightforwardness, ease of use and intelligence. The fitness application configuration should not be confusing, or the methodology should not be tedious as it would influence the client’s interest. The interactive and moderate icons should be considered for adding to the home screen to ensure that the client could undoubtedly arrive at the various segments. The screen should be presented as a sheet to assist clients in successfully observing what they have done, are doing, and need to do to achieve their goal. The application ought to be intelligent, motion-centred, and based around colour psychology, i.e., quiet tones should be added to create positive energy.
  1. Clients will want to interface with a group of wellness specialists and get the best-altered solutions connected with their health and fitness concerns with a chat feature. Also, the clients will want to communicate with other fitness freaks and make everyday difficulties in light of their true capacity and requirements. Thus, the chat component will support user engagement and application achievement ratio.
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These fitness app features can make it popular and useful like other famous fitness apps like cult fit. So, you need to take out enough time and plan your fitness app accordingly. With these features in your fitness app, you can easily conquer the market and give competition to some of the best fitness apps in the market. 

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