Following the new coronavirus and public health recommendations to stay at home, an increasing number of us are purchasing our fruits and veggies online or through an app rather than visiting to the shop. As a result, online food applications have seen record-breaking downloads, but several are now hiring merchants.

A lot of factors are there to consider when buying fruits and veggies in terms of variety, procurement, and processing. This guide will assist you how to prevent food safety concerns as well as how to improve your fruits and vegetable choices to more nutritional and budget-friendly.

This is Food Standards First’s best advice for shopping fruits and veggies, from the online grocery store to your kitchen worktop.

Order Early- 

first tip advised to the buyers when shopping for perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables is to order early. But Why so? Why cant a buyer buy whenever he/she finds it feasible because there is a time when fruits and vegetables are displayed on the online store when they are fresh and have just arrived; buying early at the point of time reduces the chances of getting stale produce.

Buy produce seasonally-

Not all fresh vegetables are available all year. Retailers suffer a considerable delivery fee when selling some fruit during its off-season, which is charged by the consumer by quoting a higher cost of goods. Therefore, it is always suggested not to buy products in the off-season because they will be high priced and of less quality. If you are an intelligent buyer, you should always buy fruits and veggies in the season because it will be charged reasonable and with good quality products from an online grocery store.

Do not buy frozen and cut out produce-

Yes, an intelligent buyer will never buy canned or frozen veggies and fruits. Because the produce once cut never remains as fresh as it should be, its originality is lost, and there are chances that it will become stale and gross. It is recommended to always buy fresh veggies and fruits online as per weights.

Always get the fruits and vegetables scaled- 

When buying from online grocery stores, many stores will provide you with the option to get it weighted or scaled, do not forget to get it done because weighted stuff will always cost your cheaper and best. If your buy canned or packaged one, it will cost of expensive and will be of lesser quantity too. So make sure to get it weighed before buying.

Compare the prices when buying- 

Examine the price difference between fresh and packaged produce. When opposed to packed products, buying loose, single-unit produce is typically a better option and cheaper overall. You can even choose higher-quality fruit and veggies if you pick the things yourself.

Don’t get attracted towards colourful ones-

 It is human nature that customers get attracted towards that stuff that is vibrant and colourful in looks no matter if it’s a cloth or fresh fruits. You heard right; ignore the looks when buying fruits and veggies from the online grocery store. Pictures might depict something else, and it might vary in reality. The more, the nicer look, the more it is ripped from inside. There are chances of getting trapped into stale fruits and vegetables if your prioritise looks over quality.

Don’t always shop on weekends- 

The majority of deliveries are made early in the week, and the majority of supply section discounts are applied on Tuesday or Wednesday. When you add that consumer traffic to online grocery stores increases on weekends, you have a formula for a low-satisfaction, high-stress outing. If your schedule permits, buy during the week and then to the farmers’ market section displayed online on Mondays.

Buy organic-  

Another tip that will change your produce buying game change is always buying from the organic produce section. Different sections and categories are made from where you can buy the produce in online grocery stores as per your choices and preferences. The same way organic produce section is beneficial to buy from as it will provide you healthy and high quality produce.

Buy as per your planned list-

A smart buyer is the one who buys the fruits and vegetables as per the requirement and the planned list prepared by them. So whenever you plan to shop online the groceries or produce, it is very much essential to never hoard extra items with you, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables- perishable goods have a time and duration to be consumed else they will get worse the same is with fruits and vegetables they should be bought whenever needed fresh and healthy rather than hoarding it unnecessarily.

Don’t buy discounted produce-

 Last but not least, you should never purchase produce or perishable goods from the discounted section. But Why not buy at cheaper? Because the produce has a small consumption time, and they are prone to get damages and stale very easily and quickly, the produce sold in the discounted section might not be fresh and of good quality. To make sure it’s new, buy it from the fresh arrivals section.


In this Modern world, we all are very well aware of things getting digitalised, from education to shopping. When buying fresh fruits and veggies from online grocery stores, it is essential to look at some factors that might help you purchase wisely and smartly. Efficiently utilising the facilities is very much crucial for a successful shopping experience.


What are some of the basic things you should take care of after buying fruits and vegetables from grocery stores nearby or other nearer supermarkets?

Question-When my vegetables start to wilt, are they still good to consume?
Answer-Yes, you can eat them. The easy way is to consume them either in the form of soups or smoothies.

But make sure to check if there shouldn’t be any sort of pathogen growth present.

Question- Are fruits bad for me because they contain sugar?
Answer- No, natural sugar is not bad to consume. However, we should take care of processed sugars and sweeteners when it comes to sugar intake.

Even more sugary fruits such as watermelon and grapes, which have a high glycemic are also not bad for health when consumed in seasons, and these fruits don’t contribute to increasing your blood sugar.

Question- Are canned and frozen fruits lower in nutrients, which are usually sold in online grocery stores nearby and supermarkets?
Answer-It’s all depend on the type of product, how it is processed.

In general fruits and vegetable starts degrading soon after the harvest. Nutrients start decreasing with moisture loss.