Read on if you’d like to create a meal website similar to Grubhub, delivery-com, FoodPanda, Doordash, and a slew of other amazing examples. Here are some features that a food delivery website or mobile app should have to entice loyalty and enhance orders.

Visually appealing. 

Food photographs of high quality and appeal should play a significant role in the overall design of the website. If you’re creating a restaurant website that offers food delivery, you should include photographs of the dish being prepared.

Catalogue or menu. 

All orderable things should have a detailed understanding and, of course, appealing photographs. If you have a large number of goods, the sorting and selecting tool by market segments, cuisines, ingredients, and other criteria will help your food delivery website a lot.

Multi-language and multi-country. 

If you want to reach a worldwide audience, you need to promote your services in several languages. Many worldwide players prompt a user to choose their nation or city before moving on to meal selection.

The shopping cart that is easy to use. 

Even modest meal delivery websites have a shopping cart where customers may put their orders while continuing to browse. The ability to view, modify, and remove items is required for a shopping cart. With elements like actual price alerts, slideout or flyout, and more, it’s much more interesting.

Payment via the internet is secure. 

Give your consumers the option of paying online, by delivery, or through another method. Integrating your food delivery website with reputable payment processors is critical.

Accessibility on the internet. 

Allow all consumers who require online meal delivery, even those who use smart devices, to use it.

Optimisation for mobile devices. 

Make it simple for mobile computing users to view and place offers. So far, the largest smartphone optimization strategy is a responsive website or mobile app layout.


The above article provides an overview of how to create a successful food delivery website with high traffic and conversions. Are you ready to launch your own food panda style website? So there you have it.