It’s no surprise that selling art, even for the most skilled artists, can be difficult. However, it’s critical to turn your interest into a reliable source of money if you would not want to go hungry. It can be intimidating to turn your passion for art or crafts into a career, but you only need to take it one piece at a time. You might be able to make your next masterwork into your own with a bit of perseverance.

Here is a helpful guide for you to sell paintings online 

Putting Your Art on the Internet- You must get your artwork accessible if you want people to purchase it. The most convenient approach to do it these days is to take some high-quality images and create a website. You can disable business functionality online and in-person once you have a great website. You have the option of using an e-commerce system or creating a more traditional website and conducting transactions individually.

Getting Your Art Into the Public Eye- You can utilise your website to try to get into art shows and galleries after you’ve created it. Begin with a modest project. Look for art museums, coffee houses, live music, cafes, and other establishments in your neighbourhood that could be intrigued in exhibiting your work. Place a little sign by each artwork with your contact number and a price.

Commissioned artwork through social media platforms- Many artists like to go their way, but sometimes you have to make compromises to make ends meet. Offering art commissions is a fantastic method to supplement your income. So you wouldn’t have to stress about upsetting your customers, make sure they know exactly where to look. Show them a variety of your previous work and only take assignments that you are confident in with the help of social media platform. Display your artwork on social media channels and share your last feedback’s and customer reviews to create a sense of trust and loyalty for the new visitors 

Networking over the Internet- Some of the most talented artists throughout the world of art are simply those who have mastered the art of networking. You must express your creative perspective, explain your art in-depth, and market yourself as an artist to connect. Art networking can be frightening initially, but it becomes more straightforward as you do it more frequently.


Being an artist should always be ready to sell your artwork or paintings online; while scrolling social media or websites or communicating with people, you can sell your work through your actions and words. 

The creativity present within you can help you to sell and market your paintings online.