These days, the buzzwords in the corporate world are social media and smartphone apps. Businesses are maximising the capabilities that these two technology instruments provide. When we look at the current state of the food business, the numbers are staggering.

Yum Foods, the holding organisation of Taco Bell, Domino’s, and KFC, released data showing that internet ordering accounts for 46 per cent of their income of the Population. In addition, there are several examples of food businesses employing innovative social media marketing strategies to expand their business.

Blending these two aspects may make a massive difference in your company’s success. Here’s how it’s done:

More focused marketing activities

The most excellent method to contact your possible future audience is through social media. You may ultimately attract more people to use your app and make it successful on the App Store/Google Play by using concentrated brand appeal for your food ordering app.

Implementing social media campaigns centred on your smart devices might be an excellent place to start. Advertising special deals for mobile consumers, giving them discounts, or enticing early birds with freebies via social media, for example, maybe quite effective.

Make it simple for users to discuss you.

With billions of users from across the world using social media, it might be the most effective way to get the word out about your company. You’re essentially obtaining social media buzz PR by persuading consumers to discuss their experiences ordering food through your restaurant app on social networking sites.

So, first and foremost, provide excellent customer service to consumers who use your meal ordering app, and then don’t be shy about asking them to share their opinions and experiences on social media.

Convince them.

Communicating with them on social media on a regular schedule, providing unique incentives to individuals who use your food ordering system, and praising them on social networking sites may all assist you in developing an online forum for your company. In the long term, this community may prove to be the most valuable asset for your company.

As you can see, incorporating social media with your food ordering app has several advantages. Big brands in the food delivery advertising market have already benefitted from combining these two components and making people drool over their marketing initiatives.


So, what’s keeping you from achieving your goals? Don’t you want to take advantage of the technical advancements that mobile app and social media marketing have brought to your company? Then, makeregularly contact with us right now.