The used vehicle industry has exploded due to rising disposable incomes and the availability of a wide range of manufacturers and models. If you’ve been thinking about selling a car in India, now is the moment. There are a number of options available to you when it comes to selling your vehicle.

Some of the contemporary ways to sell a car include placing an advertisement on online classified portals, taking advantage of trade-in and exchange offers, leveraging the power of social media, and employing automobile buying services.

How to sell a car – 

Preparing The Car For Sale

Get your automobile cleaned and serviced and remove any personal items from the vehicle and have any scrapes or dents fixed. 

Collect all of the car’s documents and make a copy of them – Include the vehicle’s service record with the other documents if you have one. 

Take fourteen-fifteen high quality photos of the car. After this, you need to advertise it and ensure the price you have put up is perfect according to the condition of the car. 

Interacting With Prospective Buyers To Sell Your Car

You will begin getting calls and emails from potential buyers once your automobile advertisement is up and running. The way you communicate with potential customers may make or break the transaction. Prospective purchasers should be screened. Only invest your time and attention in serious buyers. Be as straightforward as possible and respond to all of their questions.

Documentation & Payment 

If you’ve found a buyer for your automobile and agreed on a price, the next step is to complete the paperwork and make the payments. Before giving over the paperwork and the car, make sure the check/demand drafts have cleared. Request a copy of the buyer’s government-issued picture ID as well as proof of address. All fields on the RTO’s transfer paperwork and the delivery note should be filled in or N.A entered if they are not relevant. Ensure that they have all essential paperwork and that you have all necessary documents. 

There are a number of car selling apps. Some of them are – 


OLX Autos, a division of the world’s biggest classified business group, was founded to revolutionise the way used vehicles are traded in India. With their global competence, they are now expanding in India, with locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune, allowing car owners to sell their vehicles quickly and simply through our safe and hassle-free process.


CARS24 is one of India’s most popular auto applications for buying and selling app old vehicles. You can buy used vehicles with a 6-month warranty fully online using the app. For sellers, you may sell your car in less than an hour from your house or a CARS24 shop and get the best price right away.

They use technology to make the process of purchasing and selling cars online easier. They provide industry-first features including a 7-day trial, 6-month warranty, quick and hassle-free financing, and doorstep delivery to second-hand automobile purchasers.

CarDekho is India’s top automobile search engine, assisting people in finding the appropriate car for them. Expert evaluations, full specifications and pricing, comparisons, as well as videos and images of all vehicle brands and models available in India, are all available on its website and app. Users may also post their vehicles for sale and search for used cars for purchase from individuals and used car dealers on the platform’s used car listings.

There are several other apps and websites available for car selling. Read more on how to sell a car in detail and make sure you have all the information and necessary documents ready to do so.