Due to the epidemic, food companies are seeing record demand for their essential goods, making it difficult to keep goods in inventory and food supply working properly. As a result, General Mills, Campbell’s, and Conagra are scaling production up and searching for innovative ways to grow their supply, and they’re still having trouble restocking their supplies.

As a consequence, online grocery stores are looking for new providers of their most popular products. This year, it’s also feasible that you’ll have a tougher time finding your favourite wheat, frozen entrees, or seasonings.

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Top 10 items sold on online grocery stores in India_

Here we have come up with the top 10 popular items that are in danger of running out of stock at any time on online grocery stores.

1. Protein bars and healthy snacks- 

Microwave meals, frozen entrees, and even wraps and sauces are among the healthy food options, and they’ve all proven challenging to keep in supply during the lockdown. The store says they’ve had trouble keeping up with demand, and these will be even harder to come by if the pandemic continues.

2. Toilet paper- 

Toilet paper is among the most sold household commodities in online grocery stores across the country. And the increased competition for paper items isn’t going away anytime soon. According to the study, many businesses in areas where instances are on the rise are considering imposing purchasing limitations for high-demand items like toilet paper.

3. Instant Noodles- 

Instant noodles have several perks, but one of the most important is that they are inexpensive and have a storage life of roughly a million years. So it’s no surprise that it’s among the most sought-after products to hoard. And online grocery store retailers are facing increasing pressure, with some hunting for local vendors of the popular dry noodle.

4. Bottled water-

 Bottled water is yet another thing that online grocery store inventories have been hoarding. Not only are we going to consume water per capita for wellbeing purposes, but it’s also a commodity that people intuitively want to stockpile under any form of existential crisis, specifically an outbreak. Please remember, however, that this Famous Bottled Water Has High Levels of Fluoride.

5. Canned soups- 

Another major topic in the pandemic is canned soups. They’ve become the taste of domestic comfort for many Indians on lockdown because they’re effortless to cook and hoard. And, although the omnipresent soup brand tried to streamline production by temporarily cancelling various variations of soups, the CEO admitted that this is one of the goods they’re having trouble making swiftly.

6. Canned beer and soda 

are the topmost sold and highly demanded goods in India’s online grocery store. Every person after a tiry workday needs a relaxing break, and what’s better than a chilled canned beer?  The average customer would have been entirely ignorant of the aluminium can deficit if it hadn’t resulted in a lack of certain Cokes and beers. The aluminium industry and drink can producers are seeing increased demand for their products, owing to folk’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

7. Potato Chips- 

While not being able to get your favourite potato chip or cookie isn’t as frightening as not being able to buy steak, shoppers have been disappointed by the scarcity of some delicacies. You may have observed a decrease in the availability of Frito-Lay and Tostitos chips and Kellogg’s cereal, lays, and Nachos leading you to question if these foods will ever be available again. Yet, these are the most demanding and sold product on online grocery store by every individual. Apart from being the highest selling product, it is the one that generates the most profit for online grocery stores.

8. Disinfecting products- 

We all are very well aware of the unique demand for disinfecting products since the Covid-19 pandemic has arrived. The demand of surgical mask, sanitiser bottles, disinfectants floor cleaners, door and window cleaners etc. have increased tremendously in the online grocery store. These are the highest selling and revenue-generating commodity these times. Earlier it wasn’t given much importance, but now it has been added to the list of essentials of every individual.

9. Flour-  

Flour is in high demand and will always be in the upcoming year’s. Popular companies like King Arthur struggled to maintain their flours in supply due to a rise in home baking. The flour consumption has dwindled significantly throughout the summer, but a resurgence in cooking around the festivities might bring us back in a bind.

10. Cheeze- 

Cheese was yet another online grocery store staple that customers couldn’t get enough of during the quarantine, causing sales volumes to hit new highs in June. Although cheese supplies in grocery stores are now steady, purchasing it may eventually become prohibitively expensive for many, particularly when the pandemic’s new surge sends us into a stockpiling craze.


The online grocery store industry in India is booming, and new products are being put on the list of products daily. With an ever-growing list of things to sell, now is the moment to target a specific clientele. We believe that with best-selling products on the internet, you’ll be able to get some inspiration and get started on your online store right away!