India’s retail business is one of the world’s fastest expanding and one of the country’s most important economic foundations. Today, India has one of the greatest numbers of physical shopping establishments in the world.

Here is a list of the most famous and well-known online grocery stores in Jalgaon, which provide consumers with online grocers and services as well as home delivery and discounts.

1) Kirana Store, a Live Media Ventures venture, brings you online grocery shopping in Jalgaon.

You may order groceries and dairy items online and have them delivered to your home within 24 hours at Kirana Store. There is no need to go out and stand in line for hours. Choose a product category, items, and a delivery address, and your products will be delivered within 24 hours with free home delivery! 

2) eJalgaon 

To provide the finest and fastest delivery, the team works with a large network of partners. is dedicated to providing world-class services at the most competitive prices. Currently, they send flowers, chocolates, and sweet and namkeen goods throughout the whole Jalgaon district and Dhule city, as well as flowers and chocolates to Agra, Bangalore, and Pune. Soft-delivery services are also available for the rest of India and the rest of the world.

3) Vihan Fresh is an online grocery store that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, exotics, milk and milk products, and much more, all of which can be selected and purchased while sitting at home. The goods arrive at our doorstep with the convenience of home delivery with only a few clicks. Their goal is to make their customers’ lives considerably easier. They think that their customers are entitled to the best in terms of well-washed fruits and vegetables that are cleansed, freshly assorted, and hygienically packaged to preserve them fresh throughout the day.

4) Jio mart

Jio mart is one of the most convenient online food stores in India.

Reliance Fresh and Smart makes online grocery shopping even more convenient. No more sweltering in crowded markets, food stores, or supermarkets; now you can buy from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or while on the go.

They provide the convenience of shopping for everything we need for our homes in one place, including fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, dals, oil, packaged food, dairy goods, freezer, pet food, household cleaning supplies, and personal care products.

5) Daily need delivery 

In the food industry, is India’s largest low-cost online supermarket. The firm manages a network of over 5,000 partner stores using its in-house IT platform, allowing it to run a quick and lean supply chain from producers to customers across India. Every month, they distribute over 25 million goods to clients thanks to their efficient supply network. helps us to escape the monotony of food shopping and embrace a more relaxed approach to supermarket browsing and buying. They assist us in discovering new goods and shopping for all of our food and online grocery requirements from the convenience of our own homes or offices.

These are our top 5 picks of Kirana stores in Jalgaon. You can also go to the JustDial website and look for online grocery shops near your home that provide home delivery services. 

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Question– What are some of the advantages of buying groceries from the grocery store near me options?

Answer – Buying groceries from the nearest shops or grocery store near me help you to save your travel time, and you can shop avoid wastage that usually helps when we buy in bulk. Secondly, you can shop for fresh veggies near me and stay healthy wealthy through a grocery store near me. 

Questions– What are some of the health benefits of buying groceries online?

Answers: Shopping online for groceries helps avoid impulse purchases. It helps us save time, and most importantly we stay organized and could easily prevent buying unnecessary stuff.