Having an internet presence is critical in today’s environment, and the food industry is no different.’ Food ordering online is easy and quick, ensuring your consumers know where they can purchase your delectable cuisine. So why not connect your social media accounts to your website? We’ll examine how you can drive your Fb consumers to your purchasing page.

Adding a call-to-action icon on your Facebook profile is ideal for direct your clients to your online booking app or website. 

‘Buy Now’ and ‘Download App’ 

Your consumers will be directed to your online ordering system when you add a ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Use App’ icon to your Business Page. This improves the value of your Facebook page and increases the number of people who visit your app and website Facebook.

It’s quick and convenient, and it’s a beautiful method to get users to download your app and purchase on your site. Then, you’re directing them straight to your ordering page, where they may purchase your meal.

What you’d like to see on your tab? 

For connecting your online platform to your online ordering page, the website Facebook has you wrapped. 

When you boost online orders using the website Facebook, you’ll see a graphic of the Facebook App Button. 

You may connect your Facebook page to your App by going through this process: 

Select Edit Button, then Install App or Play, and finally ‘Use App.’

Then, in the field provided, paste the link you obtained and hit save. 

To make a Shop Now, click ‘Choose a Button’ and choose Shop Now. 

You save your website URL after entering it. 

On your Fb page, you’ll see the shop now button: 

Now that you’ve built up your Facebook profile, you’re good to launch accepting online purchases.