Are you considering starting your own internet store? Do you run a tiny local store or work as a vendor in the market or a specific colony? And do you wish to expand your company? Voila! You’ve come to the correct location; local sellers may now offer for free online. Yes, you read that correctly. For no cost. NDHGO is the quickest online grocery store builder, assisting local vendors, Kirana stores, and other small businesses. Watch the video below to know how you can start your online store in 30 seconds FOR FREE!!

With the NDHGO online shop builder, any business, big or little, can become digital in less than a minute. NDHGO aspires to serve India’s 60 million small enterprises by creating an online platform. For a considerable part of our people, the Kirana, or small retail shop, is the blood and heart of society, as well as a doorway into the domain of life and joy.

As a result, the store’s identity is protected, networking is straightforward, and consumers may restore significant ties using simple technology.

So now is the best moment to start creating your Online grocery store using our free platform. 

Start with a website address.

A domain name is the virtual address of a web store or website.

A domain name should include the following characteristics: extension, extension, and extension, in that order. It’s a short, easy-to-pronounce phrase. It’s available, and it has a grocery-store vibe.

Using an e-commerce system, establish an entire online grocery shop.

Once you’ve obtained your domain name, it’s time to start building an online grocery store. The simplest way to accomplish it is to use the NDHGO online shop builder. NDHGO can help you set up an online grocery shop in a couple of minutes. No, you don’t need to enter the code or have any technical knowledge to participate.

Get legally registered

An online grocery shop is no different from any other legal entity. Because you’ll be purchasing and selling items, you’ll need to register your business with the IRS. The ability to fulfil orders, generate tax invoices, lawfully buy items and file tax or other lawful returns is all made possible by incorporating a firm.

Image and Description showcasing for Your Grocery Store

You’ve launched an online grocery store and have everything you need.

Another step is to add grocery images and descriptions to your NDHGO store. Select “Add items” after logging into your NDHGO account. When shooting products pictures, make sure you use a professional photographer (groceries).

Assemble a delivery crew

All of the categories and stock have been uploaded and updated to the online grocery shop, meticulously put up. Now is the time to deliver the orders that have been ordered; collaborate with delivery partners to ensure that the delivery goes smoothly and quickly. The purchases will be collected by local shops or vendors, who would provide a steady flow of doorstep delivery to the customers.


You’re only a few steps away from establishing your business. After that, it’s a case of now or never. Show off what you’ve got. There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to starting a business. NDHGO acts as a guide, aiding you in creating the most unique and efficient online grocery shop possible.


Question– Should I invest in the online grocery store or some nearby Kirana stores/ (Kirana store near me)?
Answer– Investing in retail is not as bad as it seems because this sector will exponentially grow in the coming years. And in most tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, retail development has taken place. This further ensures that retail penetration is expected to reach 10.7% by 2024, whereas it was just 4.7% in 2019.

Question– How much money I can make by Operating an online grocery store?
Answer– Conventional grocery stores make a profit of up to 2%, but online stores can make profits between 4-5% as they can cut the labour costs, space rent, and the best part is you can independently run a grocery store have to take care of supplies and demands.

Nowadays people prefer to visit their nearest grocery stores, in order to travel distance they search up for terms like Kirana store near me and order from there. So if you can take advantage of digital marketing, you can make huge money.

Question– How much does it cost to start a small online grocery store?
Answer– Initially, you have to invest between 5 thousand to 1 lakh, as you are starting right from scratch. However, a good point of sale store requires bigger investments; initial inventory can be a massive investment.