The current scenario is causing hardship to all enterprises to differing degrees, but independent stores are suffering the most. Our primary goal at NDHGO is to assist shops in making the transition from brick-and-mortar to digital so that they can stay the course and establish a more robust own online store.

Even essential solutions, such as setting up an easy NDHGO store to provide consumers nearby pickup or delivery, can gradually lead towards a more comprehensive move to retailing all or most of your things digitally.

With NDHGO India’s no one online store builder, you can build your online store in just a few steps at your convenience and comfort.

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Here we will help you out with few simple steps to take your brick and mortar store online with us.

1. Investigate your clients’ requirements and expectations.

Customer research can assist you in persuading consumers, determining the appropriate price point, and developing successful marketing messaging. As a result, you’ll be able to boost your sales and offer a greater user experience. The following are some methods for researching your consumer base: Examining the existence of your intended audience on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, obtaining input from existing clients in person, comparing and contrasting areas with the same intended audience Sending email polls to your existing clientele.

2. Make use of existing channels to become digital with your company.

When it comes to getting your own online store, you are not required to start afresh. Use many electronic tools at your disposal to create an online store that is appropriate for the period you get to devote to it. Use NDHGO to construct an online store, whether it’s a clothing store or an online Kirana store. Just a few easy steps if you’d like to put your store online as soon and simply as feasible.

3. Create your website/online store

If you’d like to construct a business website so clients can discover so much about your items, use NDHGO to sell them. Your own online store should showcase your merchandise and provide information about them. It should also contain the order process and payment methods if your customers feel like placing an order or purchasing products.

4. Choose the theme/template for your online store.

Now is the time to select the theme and choose templates for the online storefront. NDHGO provides you with numerous options to choose from. Once you have created your online store/website, it requires themes to be added to attract your customers towards your products and bring business.

5. Display inventory

After you have selected the theme, the next step is to display your products. Yes, what’s an online store without products? NDHGO helps you to add the products that you want to sell on your own online store. Take images from a variety of perspectives. So that your buyer isn’t startled when it comes to their doorstep, you’ll like to showcase every feature of your goods. Use stock photographs that are representative of your target audience. This is critical because individuals purchase items that are relevant to them. Put your items through their paces in real-world circumstances. This allows your audience to visualise themselves utilizing your goods, which can help them buy them.

6. Determine your shipping expenses.

Fast, dependable shipment is critical for keeping your clients happy and returning in the long term. A flat delivery charge is usually very effective. This is a flat charge for all packages, regardless of form, volume, or size. You can also gain ideas by looking at what your opponents are doing.

7. Use social media advertising.

Boosting your digital presence requires the use of online and digital advertising. The greatest method to establish a positive internet image is to generate material that people love and find useful. Posts that are obviously hoping to peddle your items should be avoided. Your social media adverts, on the other hand, must always connect traffic to a website.


As society progresses, the one and the only reason to keep customer-centred are to update your organization. For many entrepreneurs, this involves taking their brick-and-mortar firm to a place they’ve never gone before: the digital.

Although it may appear daunting, individuals who take the risk are more likely to succeed. And any anxiety you may have about going digital with your organization will probably dissipate once you start generating increased cash from your own online store!