There is no excellent opportunity than now to consider becoming an online kirana store retailer. Retail point-of-sale (POS) systems have evolved into full-fledged shop-management software that may assist you in managing your store much more quickly than they could in the early 2010s.

Store management software programmes are here to help store owners increase their profits. These software programmes can assist you in managing POS functions, CRM, loyalty programmes, invoicing, supply chain management, and various other processes to provide the best quality experience to your consumers.

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Some of the best software that every Kirana store should have are:

1. Netsuite- 

Netsuite, one of the most popular store management tools available in the market, was created exclusively for quickly enterprises to help them improve the effectiveness of their essential procedures. You may use this ERP software, just NDHGO, the online store builder, to make data-driven decisions. While the system gives you entire authority over your stock, on the one hand, it also handles logistics operations and sourcing. 

2. Epos Now- 

Epos Now is a small-to-medium-sized company’s retail management software. Supply chain, customer relationship, and retail budgeting are all things that it helps businesses with. Epos is used by retailers and online store builders like NDHGO in various industries, including clothes and housewares, Kirana stores, athletic goods stores, and so many more.

3. Virtual Splat-

 Virtual Splat is stock, storage, and other system integration software that lets you administer your systems and workflows from anywhere at any time without having to deal with any issues. Because it is cloud-based, the application has a user-friendly interface and several customizable features.

4. Eazy ERP-

 Eazy ERP is one of the most realistic and user-friendly software programmes available. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the performance of their enterprise applications. This application enables you to dramatically improve your store’s productivity by implementing suitable stock and money management functions. This is the most preferred software by NDHGO online builder store as it has to provide the best and effective services to its customers.

5. Zipline-

 You’ll actively utilize retail communication software. Zipline is a connectivity and performance measurement platform that helps merchants connect their physical stores, improve execution, and promote teamwork. To effectively manage your task of Kirana store, Zipline software is a great option.

6. Shopkeep- 

ShopKeep is Android and iPad-based software for retailers, cafes, pubs, franchising, and speedy restaurants. The framework offers a touch screen interface on an iPad or Android portable device, allowing developers to access and remove items from wish lists. The ShopKeep POS software includes a built-in register for keeping track of checks and payments, especially Kirana stores.

Users can keep track of multiple transaction entries and divide or transfer money across different accounts. They can also accept cash, bank cards, gift vouchers, and other forms of payment.

7. Zoho Inventory-

 Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management system for all businesses. Monitoring and evaluation, inventory controlled by merchants, accountability, projection of built-in shipments, tracking, and shipment verification are all included in Zoho Inventory. Users can utilise the software to create purchase orders, lead time, and drop-off orders. With the help of tracking id or serial number, customers can easily track their orders. This software will help to manage the Kirana stores in particular.

8. Cin7- 

Cin7 is a full-featured, computerized point-of-sale system and store management software that caters to a wide range of enterprises and sectors. This cloud-based platform offers cutting-edge equipment to help you sell and deliver your products more quickly and productively. It unifies all stocks and aids in the management of multiple distribution networks in a single network.  To better understand and ideas of how your stores and online sales should be managed across all of your locations, cin7 software is the perfect option.

9. Lightspeed Retail- 

The Lightspeed Retail programme, a cloud-based system, was created to enable consumers to connect it at any time and from any location. It helps Kirana stores the most to manage their store. This software is ideal for various enterprises because it includes a robust supply chain, monitoring, ordering, pricing, statistics, and other capabilities.

10. Retail Pro- 

The Retail Pro software is a seamlessly engaging software platform that maximises the performance of your store’s procedures. You can use this software to accomplish any task, whether retail mechanization, retail invoicing, client services, invoicing, stock control, or any other job.


These softwares help you quickly oversee your Kirana store’s processes, ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

These instruments aid in the long-term success of merchants, wholesalers, and sellers. You can choose a good store management solution for your business review and analyse and your needs.

Before choosing any software, make sure all of the elements are in position, such as business needs, company kind, size, and others.