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The 8 Best Shopping Search Engines That Drive Sales

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In the realm of e-commerce, competition is intense. Because consumers have so many choices, it’s only natural that they’d want to evaluate costs before making a buy.

They fulfil this in numerous ways, one of which is through shopping search engines. These websites make finding items for anything under the sun a snap. Clothing, furniture, electronics, and anything else in between are all accessible on shopping search engines.

You’ll like to make full use of these platforms as an e-commerce entrepreneur and have your items listed on them. 

The top websites ranked by essential factors such as recognition, traffic, brand awareness, selling costs, and click-through rate (CTR).

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Google Shopping

Previously known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping is a price comparison portal that has picked up much speed in previous years. 

Users like it, and it’s the next step in Google’s e-commerce dominance. And it’s a focus point for many businesses, with many ready to spend a substantial amount of money on it.

It features a clear and user-friendly design, much like everything else from Google, that helps consumers discover what they’re searching for quickly. 

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Google Shopping also allows customers to filter their results by price, colour, genre, style, and other factors. 

Given the breadth of items accessible on Google Shopping, it should be a feasible option for businesses across a wide variety of sectors.

Bing Shopping

 Bing Shopping is an enticing choice for many e-commerce business owners, although it lacks the firepower of Google Shopping.

This platform has a great deal of promise. It offers a user-friendly design that allows customers to search for specific items or shop by category.

Clicking on “Fashion,” for example, lets customers filter among goods so they can easily explore through them.

On Bing Shopping, the average CPC is merely $0.46, and it’s significantly cheaper for particular sectors. It also has a good CTR of 1.25 per cent.

So it’s something to think about, especially if you want to go beyond Google.

Yahoo shopping- 

Yahoo is no longer what it used to be, and it has lost the search engine war to Google.

Despite this, they continue to attract substantial traffic, with one billion active users in 2016. That year, their total monthly mobile visits were 600 million, believe it or not.

This site still has many opportunities, making Yahoo Shopping a top shopping search engine.

It includes many useful features, such as frequent cash rewards deals, a price tracker, shopping ideas, and so on.

Yahoo Shopping is trendy when it comes to fashion and apparel, and the site constantly includes unique bargains.


 Wanelo, a purchasing and fashion app that lets consumers find amazing offers & discounts on over 20 million goods, is short for want, need, and love.

As of late 2018, Wanelo has around 550,000 shops and 11 million users.

There is a significant gender divide, with 90% of users becoming-woman and only 10% being male.

Wanelo features a user-friendly interface that allows consumers to search for items or browse specific stores. In addition, users may quickly click on an item, store it, or purchase it.

Wanelo allows you to sell for free. They do, however, impose a 16 per cent fee on all purchases that are completed. As a result, you must account for this. However, given the higher number of sales you may produce, it should still be a successful venture.


Although Pinterest is a social media platform, it also serves as a retail search engine since it enables people to browse and compare items rapidly.

If you search for cold beanies, for example, you’ll receive many results and can easily compare product information, pricing, and so on.

The entire procedure is fluid and friction-free. Pinterest also offers a handy feature that allows users to shop for comparable goods simply by scrolling down the page.

It’s simple to see why Pinterest is such a popular tool for comparing products.


Shopzilla is one of the earliest shopping search engines, having been founded in 1996. However, it’s still an excellent location to advertise your e-commerce items and create leads.

Shopzilla users may use the homepage to input specific search parameters or view popular searches.

On the top right of the page, consumers can check the cost of each product and see when it has been reduced or has free delivery.

Shopzilla will send consumers to the product page to receive additional knowledge and make a transaction by clicking the “go-to store” button.

PriceDekho shopping

It is another service with a large selection. Along with all of the product listings, it also includes handy services like price alerts, which will notify you through email if an item you are interested in is lower. 

Pricedekho has also joined India’s coupon obsession, spawning rival CarDekho and BikeDekho sites for anyone in need of a new set of wheels.

Shopping Wish

Shoppingwish is the latest of the three, having begun late last year and just received seed investment from Silicon Valley and New York venture capitalists. After rapid expansion, the fledgling site currently lists three million items from over 120 e-tailers.

More types of products, such as clothing, kids, and home goods, will be added in the future. In addition, Shoppingwish will soon be available on mobile devices, including customisation of shopping search results depending on a customer’s social network signals.

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Shoppers on the internet have more alternatives than ever before. As a result, many people are naturally hesitant to make a purchase straight away.

Instead, they tend to take their time and shop around for the most fantastic offers. That’s why there would be such a surge in the use of shopping search engines in recent months. These portals aid in the comparing process and save consumers a significant amount of time.

Setting up an online shop on some of the most popular sites is a great way to increase your e-commerce visibility and get your business in front of customers who would not otherwise find you.

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