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Top 7 e-commerce apps for your inspiration in 2021

e-commerce apps


Online shoppers buy stuff on the go and research several displays, yet the cell phone remains their popular choice for shopping: Mobile transactions are rising, while PC usage is on the fall. 

As consumers shift from desktop to mobile, a mobile-first strategy is required to influence their purchasing decisions.

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The migration from site to the application is a new fad among clients of online shops with e-commerce apps

Companies of all kinds are using internet applications to improve their on-the-go service, as more customers shift to their phones to purchase anywhere. Let’s jump to some famous e-commerce apps in 2021, which are heavily favoured to win their respective segments of mobile commerce:

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Sephora is a global cosmetic and skincare retailer with around 1,750 locations in 30 countries. The Sephora app has played a significant part as a mobility tactic in the brand’s digital reinvention, which has been an enormous success. In addition, the beauty company has added numerous emerging streaming features to the app that will serve its customers.

Sephora Digital Artist lets app users test new on various make-up items from their smartphone.


Nike’s digitalisation is fueled by shifting consumer preferences and behaviours. Through the confluence of virtual and analogue settings, the brand has taken a step to reduce barriers and personalise experiences. The sportswear company launched its Nike app as part of its customer-focused digital transformation, with the goal of processing level purchasing and mobile technology into one. The Nike app attempts to improve the consumer experience in a variety of ways. For example, users can find the stock of any item in the store and make same-day orders.


Cartlay is an app that allows you to resell trendy styles from manufacturers in India. You may make money by selling on Whatsapp, Linkedin, and Instagram. Once you’ve downloaded and joined the cartlay app, you’ll be notified when new unique selections become available, which you can share with your family and friends to make an income. 

The advantages of this app include minimal risk when purchasing or selling, high-quality products, and a simple return policy.


Boozyshop caters to make-up shoppers and emphasises the elegance and efficiency that millennials need. This make-up store app caters to their target market by including elements that they enjoy. 

The app storefront’s performance is determined by its iconic white space and colourful colours. However, it provides an initial overview because of its responsive design and intuitive navigation bar.


H&M has taken advantage of its significant investment to create a fantastic e-commerce app with excellent UX design. When customers first open the app, they will see a readily available barcode scanner, comprehensive images, and a native glance design item menu. 

It shows full-screen HD graphics and has an intelligent purchase decision menu accessible with a switch flip.


Wish is an intriguing app that showcases products with great discounts to entice more buyers. Its retail price is fixed at 60-90 per cent of its wholesale price. 

Wish is a powerful e-commerce software thanks to its artificially intelligent interface, which helps customers locate things they want and adore while eliminating all other possibilities. In addition, wish’s clever learning features mean that the more you use it, the more it becomes accustomed to providing you with all of the appropriate specific products. Both Google Play and the App Store have it.

River Island’s

River Island’s app is always entertaining and sophisticated, with capabilities and a design expected of a high-end fashion company. The app opens with a mini-slideshow promoting the company’s brand current offerings, providing you with a delightful native experience. 

Users can simply view product listings, stock levels, and descriptions thanks to a superb, straightforward UX design.

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The strength and éclat of these wonderfully developed retail mobile apps are tough to overlook in 2021. A couple of these mobile e-commerce applications are founded on a fantastic idea that costs lots of money to develop into a working app.

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