When you plan to create a website for your business, you need to look for certain features that should be there on an eCommerce website. The popularity of eCommerce websites is increasing day by day, particularly with the advent of the covid 19 pandemic. People are more than ever buying things online for all their basic needs rather than going to physical stores. This blog is all about Top 7 Must-Have eCommerce Website Features. Therefore, your online store should have all such features to make your customers’ shopping experience better. Creating a profitable eCommerce business is a cumbersome task. You have to be unique in your approach from infrastructure, advanced features, functionalities, pre and post-sales services, and much more. When it comes to building an eCommerce website, it’s all about the features and functionality. Here, we discuss 7 must-have eCommerce website features to look for.

Top 7 must-have eCommerce website features

The seven must-have eCommerce website features include-

  1. Most internet shopping is done through mobile phones. 72% of the overall industry is responsible for the versatile business. 61% of customers that they like to purchase from versatile enhanced websites. So your site should be mobile responsive and ensure it works totally on each gadget. All processes like dynamic shopping carts, versatile payments, and order situations will work totally on cell phones. This guarantees that the client gets the ideal experience whether or not a client decides to shop from a mobile phone, tablet, or some other gadget.
  1. Did you have any idea that the normal internet shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.89%? This rate is to the point of harming your web-based business, particularly when you realize that it’s challenging to acquire visitors to your web-based eCommerce store and convert them from visitors to likely clients, to have their head somewhere else at the last possible second. The simple, basic, and effective checkout process is one of the elements that assist in decreasing the cart abandonment rate and increment sales and conversation rates. This also helps get your clients to return to your web-based site later on.
  1. Around 70% of the purchasing experience relies upon treating your client. This piece of the site is of prime significance. If your client isn’t happy with their inquiries, it won’t take the time to change elsewhere. Ensure you offer all the assistance, and clients will leave cheerfully with a smile on their faces.
  1. Social Media assumes a vital part incredibly for internet shopping. Clients are examining their involvement in items through social media. Online business sites should join the game! Genuine item surveys and item-focused conversations assist with putting away store owners, promoting brand mindfulness, and increasing the visibility of items.
  1. An eCommerce gateway ought to be free from any danger to guarantee clients’ trust. Numerous eCommerce sellers misjudge security, which isn’t great. Security should be fundamentally important for each sort of business. Payments done by the client should be made through a strong payment gateway. Rundown of things which you can do to make your site safe and secure:- ⁣
  • USE HTTPS:⁣ A SSL endorsement is an unquestionable requirement since it helps storekeepers to guarantee that the information move, for example, individual information, charge cards, contact details, and so forth between the site and the server is secure.⁣
  • TAKE BACKUPS:⁣ Backup your site routinely. You should keep and oversee backups of all the site records so in the event of information loss, or if assuming your site becomes inaccessible, you have a backup of your information in hand.⁣
  • SECURE HOST:⁣ It’s vital to pick and hire a main web hosting agency for your site security. Ensure the host you pick knows about dangers and is dedicated to keeping your site secure.⁣
  • USE CAPTCHA:⁣ Have you been getting weird spam and remarks from peculiar sources that don’t have anything to do with your site? Then, at that point, you should incorporate CAPTCHA or, on the other hand, assuming your site utilizes a form to take client’s data like username email, then you ought to incorporate a CAPTCHA.⁣
  • Strong PASSWORD:⁣A solid and secure password is an unquestionable requirement. Attempt to make it lengthy utilising a blend of letters, numbers and special characters.
  1. A knowledgeable site improves the productivity of client support altogether. Clients can energetically resolve their issues without anyone else with the assistance of thorough information and clear rules. The amount of client questions lessens with consistent updates of information on the site. This undertaking is tedious, but it is worth the effort.
  1. Personalization and the curated shopping experience are among the most trending things in the eCommerce business. There is no question that eCommerce monsters like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and so forth have as of now executed this very well by showing “recommended Products” or “Often Bought” items to help purchasers discover the recommended or corresponding things. This feature won’t just assist you with connecting more clients; it also increases the order size and gives a wonderful shopping experience to your clients, which prompts getting repeated clients later on. Recommended Products’ usefulness helps storekeepers sell more and tells your clients that you know what they need and you need to offer a superior shopping experience for them.


Regardless of your business class, these eCommerce website features should be added assuming that you own an eCommerce online store. However, the high level and best eCommerce features are not restricted to these features. You can add different features, too, based on your business need, budget, and degree. In any case, these must-have yet innovative features help you offer incredible and remarkable shopping encounters to your clients.