During this epidemic, the online grocery store has seen a significant rise. Covid-19 is a considerable danger globally, and the global economy has seen a sharp and unexpected downturn, with every firm battling to stay afloat. However, since 2020, internet food businesses have grown thrice. This is the ideal moment to learn about the major features of the grocery e-commerce platform and has unique benefits to buyers, suppliers, and administrators. One such platform is NDHGO which is your trusted partner for creating an online grocery store. 

How NDHGO helps in creating an online grocery store?

The NDHGO platform allows any business, large or small, to get online in under a minute. NDHGO intends to provide India’s 60 million small enterprises access to an internet shop. The platform enables you to set up and operate your own online store, giving you the ability to compete with e-commerce behemoths. You can build your online store with a professional-looking product catalogue just from your phone. If you’re a single entrepreneur looking to sell your wares online, NDHGO, a free platform, is the best and most sensible option. Also, if customers are looking to purchase groceries from their favourite Kirana store near my location– NDHGO stands at their service with full zeal and zest.

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9 reasons why NDHGO is your trusted partner for creating an online grocery store

Why prefer NDHGO for creating an online grocery store?

NDHGO is India’s No.1 platform to sell online. With a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use software that provides the best customer experience, NDHGO transforms any business into a professional online e-commerce store. Adding items to your online grocery store is straightforward, with lakhs of products accessible in the NDHGO catalogue builder. Some of the features of the NDHGO platform include:

1. For small and medium enterprises, our Direct Online Ordering System is a game-changer. 

Any business may now sell and receive payment straight from their consumers over the internet. There’s no need to sell through IT aggregators and pay high commissions and fees.

2. NDHGO is a premier AI Retail platform 

that runs in the cloud. Any business may easily build a stunning, professional online store and web presence with our help. Our AI-powered platform includes everything you’ll need to build a completely customised online store, website, and even an Android and iOS app.

3. Online store setup- 

You can set up your online Kirana store or any other category you wish to in 30 seconds. With NDHGO, taking your brick and mortar store online has become hassle-free as NDHGO has varied templates, layouts, tools and features to enhance your online store and add value to your products.  

4. Faster catalogue builder-

 Adding items to your online store is straightforward, with lakhs of products accessible in the NDHGO catalogue builder.

5. Self-ship and ship anywhere-

 NHDGO is one such platform that allows managing your business with ease with the order management dashboard and sends live order updates to your consumers.

6. Order Management- 

You can’t run a successful online business unless you can simply handle your items and orders. Therefore, it is suggested that you create an online shop to assist you in managing these tasks more efficiently. As a result, you can devote the amount of time you can devote to your company’s key capabilities, such as analysis, improvement, and expansion. In addition, you can benefit from a well-defined order management system.

  • Order accuracy, fulfilment, and reimbursements will all improve.
  • Getting a better understanding of your order stats
  • Make your e-commerce store’s marketing approach more effective.

7. Sales Analytics- 

Analytics and reporting tools help you figure out which of your goods are selling well, which methods are working, and where your traffic is coming from. You may increase your e-commerce conversion rate by using Google Analytics data.

8. Online payments- 

A diverse range of payment methods should be available on an e-commerce site. Certain people prefer some payment methods over others, and some nations do not accept particular payment methods, so it’s crucial to understand your target audience before deciding on your alternatives. As an online business owner, you must make the whole process as simple as possible for your consumers. It might mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned basket if you don’t have a customer’s chosen payment method.

9. Sell on the social platform-

 When it comes to e-commerce, social media integration hasn’t always been a top focus. It began with social share buttons, then progressed to allowing users to check in to their accounts using social media. These social elements can help with off-page SEO. It’s simpler to push merchandise outside your e-commerce business with new social capabilities like Pinterest buyable pins and Instagram’s shoppable feed. Those perusing their social feeds will be led to your site to make the transaction if they notice your pin or Instagram post and click on it.


The worldwide online food marketplace is expanding at a steady rate. You may have understood the significance and are now aware of the best grocery e-commerce platform you can rely on, like NDHGO.