As we know, social media has overtaken the whole business and professional industry. With modern technology and digitalisation, every company selling products or services promotes itself through various digital platforms. Being aware of Indian customers mindset and mentality events such as festivals or special occasions such as wedding season is the time to get deals, discounts and other stuff at the lowest possible cost. Various businesses have applied this event or festival marketing strategy, just like NDHGO- an online store builder that helps companies promote their products and create their stores. Here’s how you can build your own online store with NDHGO-

We bring you a compiled list of 5 upcoming events when companies should plan their online Store promotions for :

1. Raksha Bandhan 

We all know the craze of Raksha Bandhan festival; Indian families purchase gifts for their loved ones, and this is the best time to promote your products or services with some festival discounts. If you own a gift hamper shop, this is the right time to market your products with proper marketing strategies.

2. Ganesh chatrudi festival

Another festival where you can market your business is this festival; being a Mumbai citizen, you can very well relate to the madness of the Ganesh lord festival, where all companies use marketing campaigns and run discounts and deals to attract customers.

3. Diwali

Diwali calls for festivals along with lots of shopping, every customer waits for this time of the season to shop as Diwali comes with huge discounts, deals and promotion of products what’s better than Diwali to buy gadgets, clothes, sweets and other appliances or stuff. So do not forget to create a solid marketing social media campaign this Diwali to get business and profit.

4. Independence day 

Another event is independence, the most prestigious and great event to plan your online promotions; no matter business or service, it is the right time to get your brand or company noticed in the customers’ eyes.

5. Christmas & New years

One of the best seasons end of the year, and Christmas comes together and brings joy to everyone’s life. But, along with happiness, it brings the time to promote and plan a great marketing strategy or run a campaign to popularise your brand and make profits by offering huge discounts and deals.