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3 ways to upgrade the experience of your online Kirana store customers

online kirana store


Customers’ interactions with your business start when they learn about it, perhaps via a friend’s recommendation or advertising. As an entrepreneur, you must take every precaution to guarantee that your clients have a happy impression of your online Kirana store. For maximum results, you can use several strategies that you can execute on a piecemeal basis.

1. One Travel, Several Channels

Let’s confront it: your consumers don’t distinguish between your voicemail, email, and other social media outlets. Each represents a distinct facet of the same brand. As a result, any instances of excellent Facebook handling times and first contact fixes will not compensate for a slow Twitter response. Performing otherwise loses the forest’s forest and divides the customer experience into methods that diminish customer satisfaction.

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Consumers increasingly want consistency across all aspects of their brand experience. So why shouldn’t they be able to do so? In addition, what happens on social media has an impact on the broader picture. That’s why your agents should have access to a common source of truth about each client, whether they’re communicating with them via Twitter DMs or Facebook postings.

online kirana store
3 ways to upgrade the experience of your online kirana store customers

Begin with a single system that collects information from multichannel encounters in real time. Your social networking tools, VoIP networks, sales programmes, and even advertising automation tools will all work flawlessly with the proper platform. Your employees will have direct ties to a record of client contacts, as well as immediate changes from online transactions or in-store POS systems.

The next stage is to collaborate with your dealers on information exchange. They must understand how to utilise the CRM platform but also the value of customers satisfaction to your business. We’ve found that the more make sure to comprehend why they’re doing something, the more involved they are in seeing it through.

2. Increasing the Number of Feedback Channels

Consumers have been given a megaphone through digital platforms, and they are not hesitant to use it. Some consumers are eager to express their dissatisfaction with companies in public, while others keep mute. In reality, statistics show that 96 per cent of customers don’t complain about a negative experience and that 91 per cent of that group will just abandon your business before initiating a complaint.

In the review funnel, your customer service personnel also performs active roles. Social listening, which involves your agents evaluating social media discussions, patterns, and references, provides you with unmatched insight into your customers’ matters and where they need assistance. This isn’t limited to direct connections. Your dealers can use social media management tools to look for keywords and hashtags.

For instance, if you’re in the doughnut industry, your dealers should search # doughnuts, #cafe, #meal, and other variants and misspellings to guarantee you wouldn’t miss out on a potential interaction. Maintaining awareness of these occurrences allows your company to give solutions for unsatisfied customers and interact with delighted customers, adding additional memorable moments to their day.

3. Embracing Live Chat

The webpage of a firm has remained an essential element of the digital consumer experience but mainly as a one-way dialogue. Customers had few opportunities to engage with brands since they focused on their products/services, beliefs, and focus areas. Web-savvy companies have offered more connections to ask for ideas and discuss, yet even classic contact us forms fall short of the urge.

According to research, 92% of first-time users do not intend to make a purchase. Instead, they’re looking for answers. Buyers want to discover more about your goods and services, evaluate pricing, and discover what sets you different from the competition. Thus, when the material goes beyond the scope of standard FAQs, customers need the means to ask inquiries in real-time before their interest wanes.

Businesses that use an external contact centre, on the other hand, may have the expertise and available to help them enhance their performance without spending a penny. Based on your specific needs, the proper partner can supply live operators on call, AI-powered language processing technologies, or a mix of both.


These online user experience approaches are a live, dynamic strategy for customer support. The elements of a user platform are continuously changing, and your company must stay on top of the techniques and technologies that are reshaping the environment.

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Some FAQ’s

Do you know 50% of the shoppers say that they have stopped buying from online stores because of some bad experience? Or either they find a better one than your store?

The problem boils down to one thing – having a lack of customer experience (CX) in eCommerce.

Ques– Why it is necessary to make a personalized online store?
Ans– Personalization is one of the most important factors in driving customer loyalty. It’s essential from many touchpoints-

Offering personal discounts on products and services that are relevant for the customer will increase the sale.

Remember customer’s history and showcase a list of recommendations based on their interest and a list of recently viewed items.

Ques– Why implement mobile shopping?
Ans– Providing an opportunity to make a purchase on the go will improve your sales by more than 50%, as people like to purchase on apps more as compared to other mediums.

Even eComm stores get a maximum number of orders through mobile app only.

Ques-Why trying products virtually is the better way to improve sales for people looking to buy from the nearest supermarket to my location option?

Ans– In case of emergency we prefer to buy from the nearest supermarket to my location or nearby shops. Imagine If you get the same store right in front of you. Yes, nowadays, AR technology has enabled us to transform customer feeling into imagination.

This way you can keep the customers satisfied from buying you and make your store the prefered choice rather than let them visiting the nearest supermarket to my location option and make a purchase.

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