The covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard. Things are not the same anymore. While wearing a mask has become a dire necessity. Different sectors have also seen significant transformations. This blog is all about Which is the best business to start in Covid time. The work from the home scenario is one such thing and will stay here for a while. And we are likely to see some more changes in the future as there won’t be anything normal or restated to normal again. We will have to adjust to the new normal. Also, because many individuals lose jobs and see a cut in their salaries, doing something of their own has become necessary. So we need to think of which business is profitable in India to start during this pandemic, yielding returns for years to come. 

Here, we give you some ideas for the best business to start in covid time.

Which is the best business to start in Covid time

Some of the businesses that can be profitable during the covid times are:

  1. Considering how masks are in enormous interest and will remain for some time, opening a mask business is one of the most mind-blowing business ideas post-pandemic. On the off chance that you have a sewing machine at home, you can quickly start your business in lockdown by sewing a few masks. If you have even the smallest imaginative curve, let it do something amazing for specially designed masks. Assuming you’re not a very remarkable visual craftsman, you can get a companion to go along with you.
  1. This is the one business idea in India that you can seek after during lockdown while adhering to your current field or industry. A ton of capable experts are losing their full-time salaried positions. Notwithstanding, another industry has opened up for specialists and consultants. Organizations are searching for more gifted freelancers, really lesser authoritative and monetary endeavours. It is the perfect opportunity to use your mastery in administration, marketing, or whatever else. The most amazing aspect of this business is that you don’t require any financial investment.
  1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous organizations relocated to digital space. This move has fuelled a tremendous interest in delivery services that can deliver food, groceries, or other products proficiently at the customer’s doorstep. Additionally, since a great many people have now become OK with the concept of ordering stuff, you’d, as of now, have a huge client base to take into account, assuming you choose to put resources into this business. It’s one of the most outstanding post-COVID business openings in India.
  1. Another business that you start in covid is the business of medical supplies. This incorporates everything from gloves and surgical gowns to PPE kits. It’s a thriving industry internationally. Our nation has a roaring Rs. 7000 crore PPE industry, with around 4.5 lakh units delivered every day. Setting up a small careful surgical gown line or a glove manufacturing office will cost you around Rs. 40,000-50,000, which can be dealt with a small business loan without much of a stretch. With sanitization and protective stuff turning into a lifestyle, this industry has a definite short way to progress even after the pandemic is finished.
  1. Online teaching- This may be one of the most favoured new business ideas after COVID-19 in India because of its simplicity and openness. Individuals are becoming more technically known and more EdTech-savvy in the lockdown. You could at long last put your music abilities, cooking abilities, or even business skills to use by offering it to other people. It is effortless to set up an online course. You can do it through an internet-based course marketplace or even make your site with an insignificant subscription model.
  1. Cleansers, hand wash fluids, sanitizers, and so on, have maybe been involved more this year than some other year in the 21st Century. The interest in sanitizers has risen multiple times. The propensity for regularly washing and cleaning our hands is here to stay, and there lies your business idea. Individuals in India have effectively played with this thought by beginning home-based production of soaps with as little as Rs. 20,000 of investment.
  1. Investing in the food industry– With an investment of under Rs. 50,000, you can investigate many business ideas, such as your lunchbox service, snacks packing deals, dessert shop, cake shop, or even Ayurveda snack store from home. Individuals are currently more careful about requesting from greater brands and risking contact with numerous individuals, cleanliness issues, and so forth. Store and custom made food brands and smart dieting are the next big things.


Starting some of these businesses during the covid times can be quite profitable both during these times and in the long run. With the way things are changing and digitalization is paving its way, these business ideas can be good to start with. With NDHGHO, you can build your online store with a simple, intuitive and easy to use app with the highest quality customer experience.