In many regions, online grocery is still in its early stages, with only a tiny portion of total sales. Even in the United Kingdom, where online grocery store shopping has been shared for years, internet sales account for only about 5% of total sales. However, as digital choices seek to advance, the percentage of online grocery sales may likely be higher, mainly because online grocery meets various consumer needs.

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There are numerous reasons why shoppers prefer online grocery store over traditional supermarkets. Let us jump into the same-


In-store shopping for groceries gives buyers numerous benefits. It additionally forces limitations on them as far as accessibility time spans. Online grocery store then again assists clients with preparing their food shopping from placing orders to delivery, so it fits deftly into their simple plan.


Time is a valuable decent. In-store shopping for groceries, including heading to the store, discovering, stopping, and holding up in line at the checkout, can be very tedious – time that numerous clients would like to put to more readily utilize. When combined with timely delivery, easy-to-use online offers, interestingly, can assist with accelerating shopping for groceries.

24/7 open-

The online grocery stores have no closed working hours and the significant benefits that online shopping has to offer. As per their comfort and convenience, people can visit the store online and place an order whenever they feel like- need not take out time from their busy schedules because of closing hours constraints. 

Home delivery option-

Another reason to prefer online grocery store shopping for your essentials is it offers a home delivery facility. After the pandemic, people do not like going outside to the stores to get their stuff because of sanitisation and taking high risks- they prefer to order groceries online sitting at their home and receive the things at your doorstep with no effort and time. 

Variety of choices-

Unlike supermarkets- online grocery stores offer you a wide variety to purchase your stuff from. It provides you all different brands to different products and categories choices. It is a comprehensive store that keeps lots of variety and stock with customers’ requirements and preferences. 

Offers and deals-

People prefer to shop from online grocery stores because it offers you tremendous discounts and deals when you make purchases with them. Overall revenues are generally low in an essential food item, and also online staple requires various perplexing and costly processes. That is the reason online shopping for food is regularly more expensive than coming up. However, appealing to the offers and deals is typical, particularly since countless merchants seek online customers. So online offers can even be alluring for tightwads.,

Multiple payment options-

What does a customer’s looks when buying groceries? Is it comfort? Yes, comfort can only work when the stores provide them excellent facilities from quality, offers, deliveries to payment options. Multiple payment options, when provided, attracts customers towards online shopping. These stores provide you with digital payments options, e-wallets, debit credit cards and cash on delivery too. 

Easy returns-

You have the drawback of not inspecting the products prior to making an online purchase. This especially causes a problem when it comes to perishable goods. Most big companies have a “no questions asked” return policy in place if you discover that the item is damaged in any manner. Call customer support, and they will handle the return and refund procedure for you

Send grocery gifts to any place anywhere-

With the advancement of technology and online grocery stores- buyers can also avail services to order goods for their friends and family digitally and deliver it to their place. All credits to online shopping yo make it possible. To send or receive gifts online, grocery stores have lots of variety for you; apart from this, it also provides you with gift wrap and message options to share your family and friends with the grocery package or parcel. 

No crowd-

People who are introverts and do not feel comfortable placing orders when visiting offline shops finds online grocery stores the best option. .Set up your computer and sit down with a shortbread cookie and a cup of tea. Bliss. It also saves you from fighting with the large crowd at the offline store.


Isn’t all of the data about internet shopping enough to persuade you to make a purchase? Believe that with cutting-edge technology, internet shopping offers a brighter future for both shoppers and sellers. The use of the internet for buying has become vital, especially in light of the current epidemic. The reason behind consumers shopping online is to protect their own and others’ health.

Some FAQ’s

Why you should buy from an online Kirana shop? 

Shopping groceries online will save your time and efforts to pick up the groceries which we usually couldn’t save when we visit stores. 

Secondly, price check is quite easier as compared to ordinary stores and thus you can select and make payment of the grocery items within a fraction of seconds when you buy from an online Kirana shop.

Can I track my order?

Yes, when you shop online you can keep a track of your order and thus could easily get all the essential groceries right at your doorstep. 

To track your order the respective store sends you the tracking code of the shipment when the parcel is dispatched.

What are some of the major advantages of shopping for groceries online?

When you shop groceries online, you are benefited in many ways-

*First of all, you can shop for all the essential groceries from home.
*You can shop in a pressure-free environment.
*You can check coupons and deals online
*No Impulse buying.
*You can save money with price comparison.