If there is one buzzword these days, it has to be the D2C brands. Be it the investors, or the personal businesses, the ads on televisions, or the mouthpieces on the digital platforms, the only thing being talked about are D2C Digital brands. And, they are literally everywhere. Be it your simple grocery retail store, an online cosmetic store, an online store for fuel supply, an online store for bakery, or even a simple store to buy your daily knick-knacks, the D2C digital brands have started a revolution that will see the e-commerce space change significantly.

However, while they are a rage, what are the reasons, the major enablers that make it happen? In this blog, we talk about the 5 reasons why D2C digital brands rule. There will be some examples thrown in as well to ensure that  you are able to understand the logic better

Too customised to the needs

Now imagine asking Procter and Gamble to create a dedicated head and shoulders variant for your hair type. However, you can do the same at with a lot of ease at skinkraft, Vedix, and many other brands. So, you see, how much customisation is possible. One major reason behind this is that most D2C Digital brands have their storefront online, and hence the information about your requirements, doesn’t have to come from multiple offline retailers. Rather, a lot of these brands do not require retailers at all. Thus, customisation becomes super easy to happen

No commission and hence better pricing

Like we mentioned above, a lot of these stores do not require middlemen, salespeople, or retailers to sell their products, Hence, a significant proportion of overheads are cut down, the direct benefits of which can be passed to the end-users. 

Too much competition, which keeps CX at priority

Given that the VCs are betting high in the D2C space, or in other words, D2C digital brands are where the money lies, multiple brands are coming up online. We have seen, brands as simple as the ones selling custom pickles having their online business too. The orders are taken directly on the social media handles or the online stores created through e-commerce store builders like NDHGO. When one goes through a solution like NDHGO, even the delivery, payment systems, books, and other operational concerns are also taken care of. Thus, the only focus that is required comes on improving the consumer experience. With the CX being the major competitive advantage, these D2C digital brands spend heavily to ensure the best customer delight possible.

You are interacting directly with the seller

Again, an offshoot of the customisation bit only, but when it is a D2C digital brand, you are essentially interacting directly with the seller. Thus, your expectations, are conveyed directly to the manufacturer, in a manner. Hence, nothing is lost in translation, which means that the product or service gets curated to fit the exact sentiments and requirements of the audience.

There are just so many options for everything and the VCs love them

Well, the numbers keep coming out every week and so, we don’t really have to tell you anything new here.

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