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May 10, 2022 2022-12-23 11:52

We can’t wait
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What makes us who we are?

At ndhgo, we work as one team PAN India. What started as a dream, came across to be a firm belief in action to empower local economies and make technology available to every doorstep, lacking required financial resources. Ever since its inception, we’ve been able to stand true to our values and services. We’re proud to be awarded Asia’s most promising entrepreneur. In this technology-driven world, we create new innovations that transform society for the better but without the brightest people like you, our achievements would not bear fruit. Our people principles unite us and keep us cemented and we’re always looking for stronger people than us and T Shaped to join our diverse workplace.

Why work with us?

Employee well-being

We know that little things matter. From zumba classes, wellness programs, club memberships, flexi basket plans, time-offs, and many more. We promote a healthy lifestyle – our kitchens are stocked with healthy snacks, and there’s always a sporting event to take part in.

Great place to work

We’ve always believed in creating a great working environment and a great employee experience. With a modish office in the heart of Bengaluru and Kolkata, we have flexible working hours, open workspace, tete –a – tete zones, a prayer room, and more.

Diversity & Inclusion

We pride ourselves on our open, inspiring, culture. We celebrate our diversity with regular cultural holidays, prayer rooms, and more. With diverse and inclusive backgrounds, our employees accelerate creativity and contribute to robust business practices. In fact, our sustained success is a direct result of the diversity of perspectives we bring to the table and the synchronization of ideas.

Learning and Leadership

You’ll have the space to learn, grow, and take ownership of your work. We invest in your development, from training or workshops to soft skill lessons and we encourage you to take on projects which interest and challenge you.

Flatland hierarchy

At NDHGO you are welcome to Flatland It’s our shorthand way of saying that we don’t have stringent hierarchy, and nobody “reports to” anybody else. We all are accountable for our own work and self.

We are one team

The best solutions are created by a cohesive group of individuals who bring their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to every challenge. We value team spirit and we work together towards common goals. Our teams and departments host regular events to get to know each other outside the workplace. Get ready to work with amazing colleagues and push your growth curve with extensive opportunities.

Scale with us and empower local economies

At NDHGO we are working as one team, PAN India. When you join our team, you join a dream: to empower local economies. We’re focused on continuous improvement— from moving faster without compromising on the quality of our product. Our people principles are what unite us, and keep us cemented and we’re always looking for people who are stronger than us and T Shaped to join our diverse workplace. In return, we offer a challenging and super-dynamic environment where you can grow and develop your career with the right support, at every step. We are snowballing and ready to bring a revolution in the arena of retail by offering a level playing field to the unorganized retail players to compete with the organized aggregators.

Time to talk benefits

Top-notch benefits enable you to feel as rewarded in your personal life as you do at work.

Insurance Benefits
  • Medical coverage for entire family including parents at specific levels
  • Base insurance coverage at INR 10 Lacs with an option to purchase unlimited top-up in multiples of INR 1 Lac
  • No Waiting Period Portable Medical Insurance
  • Dedicated Help-desk
Worklife Balance Support
  • Time Away from Work
  • Our general rule of thumb is “if you need time off – take time off.” Just make sure you’re communicating with your manager when you plan to be out. Taking breaks is important, and we encourage step away from work whenever they need to recharge.
  • 15 days of annual leave
  • 15 days of casual/sick leave
  • 5 days of declared holidays
  • 6 days of optional holidays
  • 6 months of maternity leave
  • 5 days of paternity leave
Wellness Program
  • Quarterly health check-up camps
  • Bi-annual vaccination camps
  • Emergency Support System
  • Periodic health campaigns such as covid and seasonal flu vaccines
Retirement Benefits
  • You receive a contribution of INR 1800 per month towards your PF, fully exempt from tax. The amount forms a part of your total base pay
  • You also make an equal contribution towards the same. The amount will be deducted from your monthly base pay
  • You have an option to declare greater than 12% of your basic salary as Voluntary PF contribution. This will be a deduction from your monthly take-home salary. There will be no equal employer contribution
  • You are eligible for gratuity on completion of 5 years of continuous service
  • You can make NPS contributions as a monthly deductions for your salary, completely tax free
Other Benefits
  • Higher Education Assistance Program
  • Salary Advance policy
  • Mobile and Broadband Reimbursement Policy
Your growth ladder
  • Join a fast growing retail-tech company with a competitive remuneration package, bi-annual performance reviews and meaningful equity. We want you to feel like an owner – so we’ll make you one
  • Welcome to flatland- It’s our shorthand way of saying that we don’t have stringent hierarchy, and nobody “reports to” anybody else. We all are accountable for our own work and self.
  • Tailor your “growth ladder” within the company with fast track performance. It operates exactly as swift as you can manage to grow. You’re in charge of your track, and you can elicit help with it anytime from those around you and us.

We dream big and do bigger!

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