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How can I create an online store using NDHGO’s online store builder app?


Do you want to build your online store? We’re not astounded by this. The eCommerce sector is flourishing, and according to existing sales statistics, 51% of Indians prefer to purchase online. This is the greatest time to get your feet wet in the eCommerce world. This article is for you if you want to learn how to build an internet store.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to launch an NDHGO online store  You do not really have to be a technical whiz to participate. We guarantee that you can create an internet store without typing a single programme or code.

1. Start with choosing the product line/ category- 

The first and the foremost step is to decide the product line or category you are going to sell or deal with. If you already have an offline store and want to transform it into an online one- NDHGO online store builder offers you the best features and elements. It offers you to select from a wide range of categories or types of online store you wish to build from clothing, toys, sports, accessories to online kirana stores.

2. Create your online store/website-

 The second step in the process is to start creating your own online store/professional website with the help of NDHGO an ecommerce store builder. It offers to various features to build your professional website with no additional cost. You can easily manage, operate, sell and deliver your products online. 

3. Choose the templates- 

Once you have taken the second step to create your website, its time to choose the look of your website/storefront. NDHGO offers various themes and templates designs to choose from. The store looks should be such that it attracts and is appealing to customers to overlook and visit the store again and again. Simple, easy to understand yet classy is always te=he first preference. This also depends from product to product.

4. Create the catalogue/display products-

Now it is the time to create and display the products on your online store.  With lakhs of options available with NDHGO online store builder. Adding your products to the store is very easy and simple. Choose the product line and start listing your products with its prices and voila you are done. The formatting of display of products should not be complicated, it should be easily categorised into sections so it is easy for customers to find products of their choice.

5. Add multiple payment options- 

Once you have displayed the products, the sellers or vendors can easily with the help of NDHGO online store builders add various multiple payment options. Once customers start placing orders they will reach the payment page where they can successfully choose their convenient payment option from e-wallets, credit, debit cards to cash on delivery options. All thanks to NDHGO for offering such facilities.

6. Add the delivery partner-

 After the payment options are finalised, NDHGO asks the sellers or store owners to choose the perfect delivery partner and add the one for easy and convenient deliveries to customers’ doorstep. The delivery partner should be such that is trustworthy, provides fast and economical delivery service with safety and hygiene and here NDHGO offers and gets you connected with the best delivery services.

7. Start with marketing /promotion- 

Now is the time to start with the promotion and marketing of your online store and the products you aim to sell. To bring in more customers spreading the world about the new online business and products is essential part when building a successful online store. You can sell and promote through various social media channels with the help of NDHGO- the leading online store builder.

online store
How can I create an online store using NDHGO’s online store builder app?

Why is NDHGO is a great online store builder?

NDHGO is one of India’s largest online store builders. It offers you multiple features and elements to sell and shop your favourite products online from the comfort of your home. It serves the best e-commerce platform and allows every small business to large businesses to create and sell their products online.Every shop is provided authorized access to an entire free DIY app that uses an online store builder to link it to existing customers and prospective consumers. As a consequence, the store’s name is safeguarded, connectivity is easy, and customers can reestablish key ties with the help of simple yet easy.


With the increase in technology, people have started becoming tech-savvy and have started working on the internet. With the same pace and speed customers have started purchasing online and firms,local shops and vendors have started selling and expanding their products online with the help of online store builder. Here NDHGO stands at the best and out of the box with simple and easy steps to create your own online store.