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Advanced eCommerce solutions and features for your online store

October 10, 2022 2023-01-27 17:44


All the features that you need and more!

Smart Inventory Management

Catalogue Organization

Organize and highlight your products by creating categories and sub-categories as per your business needs.

Bulk Management

Move products in-stock, out-of-stock or discontinue products in bulk and save time and effort. Change inventory quality, price and other attributes using our bulk management system.

Filter Products

Manage products on your eCommerce website by filtering them by stock status, category or brand for convenience and better catalogue organization. Even sort them by name, price or discount.


Receive orders on backorder, that is, receive orders even when your stock runs out. You can take orders on backorder and then restock your inventory accordingly.

Stock Control

Control the order quantity of products for each customer shopping on your eCommerce website. Add minimum and maximum quantity of products customers can add to their cart for a particular order.

Product Keywords

Add pre-designed keywords to your products to make them stand out or give out information about them. For example, Top selling products, Made in India, etc.


Add custom attributes such as size, colour, material, care specifications etc., to give your customers more information about the products.

Product Option

Add multiple options and variations of a product. Add different sizes, colours or any other custom option you would like to add. Maintain the availability, price and stock for each variation.

Options Stock Control

Control stock for each and every option added for a product. Specify the minimum and the maximum number of items that a customer can add to their cart before placing an order on your eCommerce website.


Provide add-ons along with products. Customise as many add-ons as you want. This acts as a great way to upsell products and increase the overall online shopping experience.

Product Weight & Dimensions

Add product weight and dimensions so that the delivery charges can be calculated accurately and instantly.

Packaging & Tax Charging

Use the tax and packaging fees that your eCommerce website has previously specified, or specify the charges for particular products.

Multi-Inventory Management

Manage multiple inventory and catalogues efficiently under one dashboard. Keep track of orders and stock for all your inventories.

Product & Cataloguing

Catalogue Builder

Add products easily to your eCommerce website using our ready database of 1,00,000+ SKUs, available for different business categories.

Bulk Upload

Easily add inventory to your eCommerce website through bulk uploads using user-friendly, templated CSV files. Utilize our platform's limitless product listing options to the fullest extent possible.

Barcode Upload

Upload products instantly to your store by scanning the barcode. If the barcode of the product matches our master catalogue, the product will be instantly uploaded to your eCommerce website, saving you time and effort.

Custom Upload

Add custom products to your eCommerce website and give them a distinctive name and a detailed description. Add the MRP, selling price, product variations, features, and options. Add product keywords as well to accentuate them.

Draft Products

In case you are adding a custom product, but haven’t published it, your product will be saved as a draft. Pick it up anytime and finish updating the product before publishing.

List Product Options

Indicate the various product options, such as variations in colour, size, weight, etc., or any other options within the product listing to increase online sales.

Order Management

Manage Orders

Manage order status easily from one place. Mark when the order is accepted, ready to be picked, shipped and completed. You can cancel the order from there too.

Export Orders

Download order details in a CSV file of a particular day or a specific time period. Use this information to gain valuable information about your customers, sales and best-selling products.

Modify Order

In case any item for a particular order is not available to you, modify the order and remove the product(s) from the order. The total cart amount will be calculated and refunded accordingly.

Payment Status

Modify the payment status of a particular order. Specify if you are awaiting payment, or have received it. You can also mark if the payment is refunded or cancelled.


Leave a comment for your customer while preparing an order. This can be used to ask questions or clarify requests from customers.

Ship Order

Decide your shipping method when the order is ready. Choose from multiple shipping partners with real time delivery charges and availability or auto assign delivery partners. Also ship orders yourself and give out necessary information your customers.

Print Order and Tax Invoice

Get automated print and tax invoices for every order. Download them and share them with your customers. You can customize the invoice size too.

Order Tracking

Get real-time order tracking with the exact date and time of delivery processes. Know when the order is ready, shipped, in transit and delivered.

Filter orders

For better order management, filter orders according to date, order status, payment status, payment method and shipping method.

Order Notification

Receive automated order notification via message and a notification ringtone to ensure prompt order fulfilment and customer service.

Customer Location

see customer location on the map to ensure a timely and smooth delivery experience with minimum calling and disturbance to customers.

Payment History

While executing an order, get to know the payment history of the customer. Know if the customer is ordering for the first time or is a regular visitor.

Shipping & Delivery

Store Pickup

Let your customers order from your eCommerce website and pick up their orders from your store.


Ship or deliver orders yourself without opting for any third-party logistic partners.

Hyperlocal Delivery

Fulfil orders locally within hours or minutes with our integrated hyperlocal delivery partners.

Scheduled Delivery

Give your customers the liberty to schedule delivery for their order. Let them select the date and time of the delivery at their convenience.

Deliver Anywhere Nationwide

Ship your goods anywhere nationwide with our third-party integrated delivery partners, with real-time information tracking on both the buyer and the seller end.

In-Store Scan & Go

Let your customers enjoy a seamless in-store shopping and check-out experience with our Scan & Go feature, following three simple steps.
i) Scan the product barcode using your store application.
ii) Pay with a secure payment gateway.
iii) Go out of the store with your digital receipt.

Real-time shipping rates on checkout

Get real-time shipping rates calculation on the checkout page to charge relevant delivery charges from customers.

Estimated Delivery Time

Allow your customers to track their order status and get an estimate of when their product will reach the desired location.


Allow auto-shipping orders by your most preferred delivery partners. Choose the order status on which the products will be shipped automatically.


Extensive Customizable Themes

Choose from 100+ fully customisable & responsive themes for your eCommerce website optimised for various industry needs and give your eCommerce website an attractive look and feel.


Upsell products to customers by showing other related items that other customers also prefer.  Give them more options of what they like and persuade them to increase their order value.


Add products and create numerous collections for every occasion and need. Highlight your collections on your eCommerce website and run festival offers, end-of-season sales and more.


Create promotional banners to display your collections and give exclusive discounts on specific products of your choice. Choose an image, design it and upload it to give your store a professional look.

Trusted Badges

Instill trust and authenticity in your eCommerce website by adding an assortment of trusted badges on your storefront.

Store SEO

Ensure your store is SEO friendly by gaining full control over your website’s SEO title and description.

Product Level SEO

Ensure a higher ranking for every product on your website on search results through product level SEO and generate organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

Custom Domain

Give your eCommerce website a unique digital address by getting a unique own custom domain name at no additional cost.

Product Reviews

Let your website visitors and potential customers see what previous shoppers feel about your products. Manage, reply and publish description reviews and ratings given by your customers for every product in your store. 


Flash Sale

Run flash sales for a limited period of time. Create custom banners and set a timer to let people know when the sale ends. Flash sales are a great way to incentivise your customers to make quick purchases.

Advanced Discount Coupons

Customize unique coupon codes to offer your customers. Give a flat or percentage discount and allow customers to add them at checkout. Give discounts on certain brands, products or categories too. Also, customise the payment method for discount applications.

Share Store Link

Share your store’s URL directly with all your potential customers, existing customers, friends and family etc.

Share Store QR

Get a custom QR code for your eCommerce website and share it with your existing customers, potential customers, social media followers, contacts and many more. Use the QR code in your marketing campaigns, catalogues, brochures and flyers.

Share Products

Share specific products of your store from your dashboard without looking for the product on your website.

Adwords Conversion Tracking

Run limited-time Google Ads that target specific keywords associated with your products and eCommerce website, and get a better return on investment on your marketing campaigns.


Customizable background & Text Colour

Customize the background and text colour of your storefront. Choose where you want your store logo to be displayed and whether you want the store name & address to be displayed. Maximum customization capabilities at your fingertips!

Top Categories

Display the top categories of your catalogue right on your homepage. Choose the level of the categories and sort them according to preference.

Static Banners

Use a variety of static banners to draw attention to your products, and enhance the appearance of your homepage.

Clickable Banners

Design and add banners to your homepage and link them with collections, products or categories. Your customers can click on these banners and be directed to the corresponding products.

Hello Bar

Create a to display announcements and inform about any offers & promotions header strip on your eCommerce website to display offers and promotions, announcements, and standout products.

Product Categories

Add product categories to be displayed on your homepage. You can also display your top-selling categories or high-in-demand categories for your customers. The number of categories that can be added varies according to the theme.

Product List Page

Decide how your products will be displayed within a category. Choose how the images should be displayed and crop the images for a more uniform and appealing look.

Product Details Page

Customize how the products page will be displayed according to industry standards. Choose how and where the additional product pictures will be displayed.

Pincode Checker

Your customers can check if a product is available on a specific pin code. They also check the estimated date of delivery by adding the pin code.

Advanced SEO

Use Meta tags to tell the search engines and those viewing your site more about your page and the information it contains. Meta tags, such as the meta title and meta description play important roles in a website's SEO plan because they have keywords and phrases that describe a page's content.


Create more pages for your eCommerce website to give out relevant information to your customer. Add these pages to the footer of your eCommerce website and personalize your store entirely with no restrictions.

Social Media Links

Add the links of all your social media handles to your eCommerce website and let your customers interact with you directly.

Payment Integration

Integrated Payment Gateway

Accept online payments through multiple channels with integrated payment gateways.

Bank Offers

Get more out of every sale by taking advantage of pre-negotiated transaction rates with payment solutions partners.

Secure online store

Get a free SSL certificate and offer a secure eCommerce website to customers to encourage tension-free shopping.

Tax Computation

Indicate and apply the relevant taxes on the products you offer and maintain tax compliance for your online business.

Price inclusive & Exclusive of Tax

List products with prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

RazorPay Payment method

Razorpay is the only converged payments solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments via its product suite. With Razorpay, you have access to all payment modes, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets.

Store Management

Business Hours

Manage the operational hours of your eCommerce website. Add your business hours for each day of the week, and let your customers know when you take a break. Decide when your store remains online or offline so that you don’t lose customers during closed hours.

Taxes & Charges

Set tax and packaging charges for your eCommerce website. You can select whether the charges will be applicable, inclusive or exclusive to the price of the products. Additionally set packaging charges per order or item, according to your business standards.

Print Settings

Configure the dimensions of your tax and order invoices according to your business needs. 

Opening & Closing Store

Make your store online and offline with a click of a button. Control when you receive orders and make sure your customers don’t go dissatisfied. 

Store Password

Protect your store with a password and make sure only you have access to your store. Use your password or OTP sent to your registered number to log in to your seller dashboard.

Single Page Checkout

Allow your customers to complete their checkout on a single page, thus streamlining the process. Make your checkout process as easy and convenient for better conversions.

Customers & Customer Support

Customer Profile

Get a complete customer profile with the date of order, the number of orders, and the total amount spend. Keep track of customer contact details and addresses and use this information for better marketing practices.

Order History

Know the order history of every customer. Know when they last ordered, how much they spend and what they love.

WhatsApp Chat

Let your customers reach out to you directly on Whatsapp.


A call button on your website that allows your customers to call you or your support team.

Integrated CRM

Manage, coordinate, and compile customer data to improve the way you approach customer relations. Streamline your operations to increase overall profitability.

Enquiry Requests

Receive the enquiry requests button on all your products.

Reporting and Analytics

Gross Revenue

Know the total gross revenue earned on all the orders completed.

Customer Cancellation

Know the total value of the orders cancelled by the customer after placing the order.

Cancellation by You

Know the total value of orders cancelled by you after receiving them. 

Sales Trend

See the number of orders received during a particular time via a bar graph under Sales Trend option.

Gross Merchandizing Value (GMV)

Know the monetary value for total merchandise sold through your website over a certain time period.

Average Order Value (AOV)

Know the average value of the orders placed through your eCommerce website.

Pending Orders

Know the number of orders that you have received but are yet to complete. This makes sure that you don’t miss any orders and that your customers are satisfied.


Total Customers

Know the number of customers that have placed order(s) on your website. The statistics also show the number of repeat purchases or first-time orders. 


Top Selling Products

Know the top products of your eCommerce website that have been ordered multiple times by your customers. You can see the total amount of revenue and total number received by these top-selling products.

Monthly Leaderboard

See the leaderboard with the highest earning sellers, selling on ndhgo. 

Inventory Analysis

Get a diagrammatical report of your inventory. Know the active, discontinued and out-of-stock products.

Store Ratings

Customers can rate the delivery and quality of service provided by you after the completion of orders 

Product Reviews & Ratings

Get reviews along with ratings and pictures of your products from your customers. This lets other potential customers gain more trust and entices them to make a purchase. 

Operation Metrics

Diagrammatical representation of your average acceptance, processing and delivery time of your online orders.

Google Analytics

Link your Google Analytics account to your eCommerce website to better understand visitor traffic data and target your audience.

Facebook Pixel

Utilize Facebook Pixels to increase your ROI by re-targetting your customers.

State-of-the-art technology

Online Hosting

With our cloud-based, multi-server hosting service, hosting your eCommerce website will no longer be a cause of concern.

Progressive Web Apps

Get an app-like experience while using websites made on ndhgo. 

SEO-Friendly Store

Make your eCommerce website SEO-friendly online using our built-in store and product SEO capabilities. Customize search descriptors and meta tags without needing any coding knowledge.

Multi-store management

Manage multiple outlets from one dashboard. Take care of your inventory, orders and payments from one place.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Integrate any third-party platform that you require for your business operations. Our support team will diligently assist towards integrating them with our API.

Work Flow Automation

Automate your business and improve operating efficiency as well as the customer experience.

Staff Management

Staff Login

Give access to your staff with the required limitations, and let them manage and run your day-to-day operations.

ndhgo Support

Business Advisor

A dedicated business manager to guide you through your business activities and decisions.


Watch videos and informative content on tips & tricks to grow your business. Access them instantly on our application or dashboard itself.

In-app support

Head over to our in-app support system that instantly solves your queries on chat. 


Get accurate answers to frequently asked questions and queries.

Help Desk

Get a step-by-step tutorial for any doubt that you may face while operating your eCommerce website. Click on the link to access the helpdesk. 

24*7 Phone Support

Get 24*7 customer support for any assistance.