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Setup and Start an Online Electronics & Appliances Store Free

September 23, 2022 2023-02-22 15:04

Build your Electronics & Appliances business online

Get everything you need to set up a successful electronics store.


Multi Inventory Management

With multiple outlets and extensive catalogues, it must get challenging to manage your inventory across all outlets. We understand you, and we got you! Manage all your electronics stores efficiently with the multi-inventory feature of ndhgo and make your operations smooth and hiccup-free.


SEO-friendly Stores & Products

With ndhgo, you can be assured that your website will be search engine-friendly. We provide both product and site-level SEO options that will help you to market your electronic appliances and make your electronics store easily discoverable by potential customers and visitors.


Promotion Management

Who doesn't like a good deal? Customise coupons and give exciting discounts to attract customers and sell your electronics online along with providing the best checkout experience.


Single Page Checkout

Long checkout processes are where your customers lose interest. It is a shame to lose your customer when they have reached the end of the funnel. With single-page checkout, we have made the checkout process for your online electronics store as painless as possible.


Integrated Nationwide Delivery

With a fleet of 30+ delivery partners, we ensure that your electronics are delivered anywhere and always on time. Optimize e-commerce shipping costs with the competitive pricing offered by our shipping partners.


Extensive Integration Capabilities

With our open API, ndhgo has the power to integrate with third-party providers, thus opening gates to endless opportunities for your online electronics business.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my electronics store online?

Yes, you can get your electronics store online within minutes. ndhgo provides you with your own free website and all the other integrations and features you need, to run a successful online business.

Is online electronic business profitable?

Selling electronics online is a very profitable business model. You can simply select an ndhgo plan and start selling online from your own eCommerce website where you can increase your store visibility and market your products as well, to gain more customers.

How much money do I need to start a electronic business?

With ndhgo, you can make your own ecommerce website to sell electronics online for free. Use the Community plan to make your website for free and upgrade your subscription when ready.

How do I start a wholesale electronic business?

To start a wholesale electronics business, its necessary to have a website first. This gives you credibility infront of the retailers. Then you need a platform to manage your inventory, and generate leads. ndhgo is the perfect platform for all your queries and problems where you can start your wholesale electronics business hassle free.