e-grocery websites

How do e-grocery websites such as BigBasket work?

The online grocery store Big Basket’s business model is divided into two paths. The first being inventory-led, and the second being hyperlocal delivery. As per sources, Big Basket operates with two models and aims to cover customers’ entire grocery needs with their marketplace business.

Though sources say that Big Basket’s e-grocery website works on an inventory model, they purchase products from leading supplies such as HUL, P&G, farmers, mills, etc., and store them in the warehouse or small go-downs. The customers get their products from the warehouses, which means they directly buy the stocks from manufacturers for all preserved products.

For unpreserved products, they used the ‘just-in-time model’ for avoiding wastage and linking with local farmers and suppliers and thus helping in decreasing inventory price.

Other sources say that Big Basket works on a hyperlocal model. In this model, they tie up with more than 2000+ grocery stores across India for delivering products within an hour from the neighbourhood.

Thus, Big Basket’s e-grocery website is completely based on a multi-city and multi-vendor model.

e-grocery websites
e-grocery websites


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