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How do I locate my nearest grocery store?

Because of the COVID-19 lockout, buy groceries online from internet businesses has become nearly tricky. In addition, it’s challenging to get a timely delivery on any online shopping service these days, whether it’s BigBasket, Grofers, or any other; therefore, many are turning to adjacent offline retailers. However, how can you know if groceries store nears you are open or not? 

In such a situation, one option is to call them and inquire. But if somebody does not know the shop’s contact information? Some internet programmes can tell you whether Kirana stores near you are open or not in that situation. These tools can also tell you about the accessibility of the things or goods you’re looking for.

grocery store
How do I locate my nearest grocery store_

Tools that help you to locate nearby groceries stores:

Quikr has created a Still Open service to assist individuals in finding or locating accessible grocery stores in their area. The portal also lists open health centres, grocery stores and other vital services-related stores. In addition, still Available is a crowdsourcing mechanism that guarantees that the portal is maintained frequently to give correct data.

How to use these tools to locate stores

Open the browser and type to access the site on your desktop.

The webpage will prompt you to enable location settings on your computer. 

Activate it. 

Following the activation of the tracking system, you will be given the opportunity to contribute or share the site with your contacts.

It will ask you to modify your location and select the service you are looking for.

After that, you must choose the precise level of service that you require. The platform will offer you all of the details you need. It also directs the retailers and shopping centres.

By selecting the ‘Preview’ button, you may provide feedback on the shops.