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How to Create & Launch a Profitable Online Store (2021)

For quite a long time, accomplishment in business was characterised by a basic equation. Secure a beneficial spot for your cart. Yell stronger than your rival to draw in more customers walking through. Work at a lower cost to stash more benefits.

Build your online store has numerous advantages incorporating more outstanding commitment with clients, better brand character, and more freedoms for small companies to have every tools and alternative that meet specific needs.

The procedure for an online store builder may sound overwhelming. In any case, utilising present-day innovations, even a non-tech individual can do it. So, if you want to start an online Kirana store in 2021, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. 

Here we have discussed the steps to create and launch an online store in 2021. Let us learn how:

1. Pick a Niche and Develop a Business Plan 

The first step involved when planning to build your own online store is selecting, choosing, picking a niche first. After choosing essential creating the place, i.e. the product line, start with developing a business plan. This step is the essential one in the online store builder process as this will form the base of the online e-commerce store. The whole structure of the online business depends on the business plan. It involves an inevitable process starting with:

Direct a SWOT investigation. 

SWOT represents Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It’s a basic yet compelling approach to survey diverse niche and business plans.

Discover industry holes. 

Ensure that all the great eCommerce specialities are taken into consideration. Be that as it may, it’s false. With designated research, you can reveal unfulfilled customer requests even inside the well-known product categories. 

Examine your client personas. 

The best internet business product ideas are brought into the world at the crossing point of need, inclinations and interests among the intended interest group. 

Make a bunch of ideal purchaser personas, populated with 

Demographic information — age, area, occupation, pay  

Psychographic information — interests, values, convictions, battles and aspirations.

Select the appropriate business model.

You must also notice where and how your target demographic buys products as part of your consumer research, as well as the ideal strategy to reach them out.

2. Choose the Right Domain Name

Now, as the business plan is created and the product line is finalised, the second step in the process of online store builder is choosing the right domain name. The domain name matters the most, just like a business name. A domain name serves as a unique identity for consumers to differentiate your brand from that of others. The appropriate domain name can boost brand memory and awareness and direct people to your online business. 

There are several factors To be kept in mind while choosing the right domain name, such as: 

  • The name should be short and crisp. 
  • The name should be easy to understand and remember
  • Choose the .com domain extension as this is the most preferred and searched one.
  • Try to choose something unique and distinct from others.

3. Choose an eCommerce website online store builder that best suits your needs.

Ecommerce platforms are divided into several categories, each with its own set of native capabilities and plugins. Create a prioritised list of requirements to help you choose the best option for your company.

Safety is paramount

Privacy violations in e-commerce pose an operational and financial risk. With so many options, consumers increasingly are prone to assume carefully about purchasing from an online company that: Lately, a system intrusion or data breach occurred, and there is no SSL protection at the checkout.

Mobile friendly

It is essential to provide a tremendous mobile-friendly shopping experience to users to be successful and profitable. If your store isn’t mobile-friendly, the SEO rankings will have to suffer.

4. Design the look of your own online store

Another essential element in creating an online store builder is it comes up with various website templates and design, styles, fonts, etc., to choose from. For a profitable online store, the designing of the store is essential as animated videos, motions and graphics attract the customers. Whenever the customer visits the website they notice the display of the website. The design decides whether the customer will show interest in purchasing the product from the online store or not.

5. Set up an easy shipping and payment method to your online store

After all the designing and product display activities are done over the website, the next step to a successful online store is to set up an user friendly and easy shipping and payment system for the users or customers. Providing easy payment options and almost all types of options from credit, debit cards to e-wallets will bring your customers back and back to your online store. To increase sales and make your customers permanent- the store shipping policies and delivery services should be great, satisfying customers at their best.

6. Market your online store

You are just a step away from launching a profitable online store. Yay! It’s time to market your online store and its products. Every business owner’s biggest nightmare on the launch day is to observe zero active customers in Web Analytics. You’ll need to do the following to ensure that your new store is flooded with digital customers:

  • Make various web marketing channels a top priority.
  • Create a promotional campaign for them before the launch.

7.Launch the Online store

Voila! You are ready to launch your own online store after all the steps are completed. Undertake an online quick test drive after you’ve moved it from stage to execution to confirm that it’s ready in terms of design, speed, and accessibility.


If you’re seeking tips on creating a successful online store, keep in mind that there are various factors and stages to consider.

You must identify the appropriate e-commerce platform to meet your company’s demands and objectives. Then you must choose the elements that will assist you in operating your online marketplace while also giving a pleasant experience for your clients and a lot of more steps discussed above.