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How to start an online grocery store?

The present generation relies on technology for almost everything, and then why leave grocery shopping behind? With time, the technology flipped the long billing queues into ordering the basics with just a click. It not only saves time but an effort to visit the grocery store now and then.

Now to start an online grocery store, here we list down a few points

1. Decide the delivery region 

You will need to decide which areas online grocery will cater if you are planning to start it. This key decision has to be made based on many factors, such as the social preferences of people who reside in that area, their first response to your online grocery and market competition.

2. Choose an e-commerce platform 

A significant step to set up an online grocery store is creating an e-commerce website. You can choose the conventional site making the process not only lengthy but also costly. Also, you can partner up with an expert online grocery store builder or online grocery app builder for saving your time and money. 

3. Set the inventory and set them category wise

The soul of any grocery business is inventory, and you will require to have diverse products for attracting new customers. Thus, one needs a solid inventory management tool. 

online grocery store
How to start an online grocery store_

4. Find a suitable delivery method

Delivery services help to connect your business with your customers, so choose one that is reliable. It is essential to make or break your business; thus, choosing a prompt delivery service should be considered. It should have features that update the clients of their order, and some advanced features also help track the delivery live.

5. Integrate with various vendors

You can tie up with vendors who sell products that you wish to include in your store for expanding your business.

6. Advertising and marketing

If you want to make your business prosperous, then your online grocery store requires solid marketing. Thus, you can choose on-page and off-page SEO for your site so that your target audience can feel your online presence.

7. Social media presence

All online businesses must have a social media presence. It helps a business to interact with customers directly and get their real feedback. 

8. Mobile-friendly platform

The new trend for grocery shopping is online grocery, and mobile helps this process easy. The latest buzz in the retail industry is M-commerce, which has simplified things and made online shopping easy and convenient. People now do not have to open their systems or laptops to shop online at present times.

9. Multiple payment options

Customers look for multiple options when it comes to payments. In comparison, some are comfortable with payment through their cards, while others prefer payment wallets to avail of cash-back offers. Thus, choose a platform that offers flexible yet reliable payment solutions.

10. Scalability

In the long run, you will require scalability though it may seem to be a luxury. Scalability deals with the right synchronization of hardware and software configuration.


NDHGO provides quick eCommerce solutions for your online grocery store. You can log in to the NDHGO platform and set up your store. Added to it, you can create your online store with our professional store design for giving your business a modern makeover with some beautiful store themes.

NDHGO offers you the freedom to expand your business and think beyond the horizon without fear of losing. With balanced features and pocket-friendly costs, NDHGO has revolutionized the way vendors manage their grocery stores.

Some FAQ’S

Are grocery stores profitable?
Grocery stores have an enormous growth potential if it is opened at the right location, and targeted the customers well. Profits generally from 5% to 25% per month depending on the object.

Is the grocery shop business good?
This business can be launched virtually anywhere and is one of the most lucrative businesses ever.

How much investment is required to open a grocery store?
Initially, it requires a decent investment. After that, however, you can invest from 50,000 rupees to 5 lakhs.

How do I get to know about the daily use of Kirana items for inventory?
Start with essential Kirana items later on with customers demand; you can size up the inventory.

What are the top seller Kirana items?
Top seller Kirana items are convenience and shopping goods.