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Is it possible to sell online for free through an Online store builder?


It’s one thing to help pave the way for your e-commerce store, and it’s another to make sales. It’s not hard to trust a new brand, but you must search for ways to do so. Some online marketplaces will issue an invoice to sell on their site, while others are free to sell your products.  It is wholly reliant on the selling platform’s economic system. 

There are various ways to sell your products for free online such as local selling, selling through social media platforms- but what makes online store builders stand out of the box?

Let us learn different ways to sell products free online and why is online store builder the best option.

Local selling- If your target market is only in your immediate area, you can advertise your goods on web portals and instantly contact buyers. In addition, product listing is usually accessible on most local web portals, and the purchase isn’t made online. As a result, you may consider it one of the safest ways to sell your items by allowing clients to buy straight from you.

Sell on social media platforms- Another effective way to sell your products online for free is through the help of social media platforms. We all are very well aware of how important social media channels are, and they are practical marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace, Instagram shop setup and WhatsApp business. These platforms help you sell your products for free digitally and engage with customers but still lack much popularity as e-commerce store builders have. People are shrill scared to make purchases through such platforms as lots of fraudulent activities are available, but on the other hand- online store builders have their significance. Let us look at how it is different and best than other ways:

online store builder
Is it possible to sell online for free through an Online store builder?

This Amazing Agreement- Launch your e-commerce store for Free.

Every method of selling for free online has advantages and disadvantages. Selling on multiple websites makes things more straightforward to generate revenue, but investment returns are never guaranteed. To sell your good digitally, you must adhere to the rules of the platform and online stores. The most excellent offer is to design and build your online store if you want to sell on your terms.

After you’ve launched your site, you’ll need to focus your advertising and strategy design efforts to attract high-quality traffic to your store. Keep your payment policies open to the public, and start selling entirely for free. You also eliminated the commission fees. As a result, you can maximise your profit.

If you don’t have a store yet, you can select custom development, online marketplaces, and online store builder options. Ecommerce platforms are the most excellent way, to begin with if you intend to run your online Kirana store or any other store on your own. But Why? It has to offer many benefits such as

  1. Sell for free- The best way to sell your products through an online store builder is because it is free of cost and does not charge the merchants fees to sell their products and build an online store for free.
  1. Pro Storefront- Online store builder provides you with a pro storefront which states that it allows for your facility to display and showcase your products to the customers and online users in a beautiful and robust manner
  1. Multiple payment options- Another advantage of selling your products through an online store builder is that it offers various payment options convenient for the customers to quickly pay bills to their purchases, from cash on delivery to online payment such as e-wallets, credit and debit cards etc.
  1. Store manager- Online store builders are the most convenient and effective way to sell your products online because it also offers you store management facilities. You can easily manage your orders received, returns, customer queries or tracking of orders all on a single dashboard.

Why is NDHGO is a great online store builder?

You can undoubtedly sell your products with NDHGO, India’s outstanding amongst other online store builders. Oversee requests, conveyance, and installments from any place with our single dashboard. A pick-pay-go device at the store level permits your customers to self-examine items and pay online in-store to keep away from lines and contact. Convert your actual store into an online store that is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It’s anything but an incredible online store manufacturer with one of its sort highlights to engage retail organizations.


Therefore to survive in this modern world, it is essential to have an online store. There are several ways shown above which you can opt to sell your products online for free. Still, to get more effective results and grow your business successfully, online store builder has offered several magnificent benefits that make it the best and most preferred choice among merchants.