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What kind of Online stores can I create using NDHGO’s Online Store Builder?


Launching an online store might be daunting because it necessitates making a lot of good decisions at the correct moment.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to know which way to go if you’re just starting to stack the bricks one on top of the other. Because the eCommerce industry has grown so much in recent years, it’s difficult to know where to begin and what to focus on, let alone the competition it will bring.

There is a slew of eCommerce online stores out there, each offering unique services. This could really terrify a newbie who is just getting started and wondering, “What kind of store should I create to succeed?”

online store builder
What kind of Online stores can I create using NDHGO’s Online Store Builder?

Observing the factors, NDHGO- one of the top leading online store builders– will assist you in taming all such ideas in this article by outlining the types of stores that may be created.

  1. Grocery stores- With the help of NDHGO e-commerce store builder you can build your grocery stores. Yes, it is the most profitable one as customers buy essentials as it’s their basic necessities and due to pandemic shifting your offline grocery store into an online Kirana store is a must for customers convenience and comfort. With the help of the NDHGO store builder, you can sell your groceries online very easily and simply.
  1. Supermarket- If you own an offline supermarket, NDHGO offers you the facility to sell your products online at their store with full genuine leads and generate double profits and revenue. You can build your online store and sell and promote your goods here.
  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables- Are you a small fruit and vegetable vendor in the market? But not getting as many sales as you thought off? It is time to take your brick and mortar business to the next level by using your fresh fruits and vegetables online through our e-commerce online store builder. Here you will get the best facilities to easy sell and promote your products.
  1. Meat & Fish- You can simply create and meat and fish online store with the help of an online store builder. If you want to sell your products online, NDHGO provides you with that platform to work upon.
  1. Restaurant and fast food- Having your own chain of restaurants or fast food stores but offline, you can bring your restaurant online and sell your products easily with us.
  1. Bakery and Sweets- No matter if you are a home baker or have a small bakery shop in the market, NDHGO offers you to come to create your own online store and sell your bakery products here. The hassle-free process to sell and promote your products online with multiple payment options and delivery services
  1. Toys & stationery-  One of the interesting kinds of online stores for students and kids. Todays kids are very tech-savvy and love to browse toys and stationery products online, for the very same purpose the merchants and stores have switched to online selling which is possible through NDHGO online store builder.
  1. Fashion & clothing- What’s better than taking your fashion and clothing business online with NDHGO. It offers you to sell your clothes online with their e-commerce platform and provides you with all facilities to track take orders and deliver them to your customers.
  1. Beauty & personal care-  If you own a beauty o personal care store, you can create your online store with one of the best leading online store builder named NDHGO. You can sell your beauty and personal care products online and deliver them to customers very easily and quickly.
  1. Electronics & Appliances- You can create your own electronic appliances store online with an online store builder very efficiently. You can sell your electronics goods such as TV, AC, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and much more.
  1. Furniture and furnishings- If looking to take your furniture business online- NDHGO is the right place for you. You can sell and generate revenues by selling your furniture online.
  1. Electrical goods- Electrical goods and services such as electricians, fans etc can be sold via an online store builder. You can simply create your online store here and buyers can shop from their favourite local shops. All thanks to NHDGO.
  1. Hardware and building materials-Another kind of online store you can build using NDHGO store builder os hardware and building materials shop. Switch your offline business to online in few simple steps and gain double results.
  1. Jem and Jewellery store-  Jem and jewellery are loved by women’s the most and due to pandemic they do not like to step out of houses to shop and generally prefer shopping online, this is where NDHGO has solved the problem of buyers shopping from their trustworthy and favourite local jewellery shops. Buy online with the help of an online store builder.
  1. Automobile and Accessories- With the help of online store builder you can create your automobile online store- transform your offline business into online one at your comfort and convenience.
  1. Sport store- You can take your offline business of sports to online and earn double with the help of online store builder- NDHGO. Here you can sell your products online and satisfy the demand of customer.
  1. Medicine and health care- During pandemic the medical and healthcare industry has boomed and what’s better than taking it online. Here NDHGO stands the best which provides you the platform to create your online store. 
  1. Book store- NDHGO is the best online store builder to create your online store of books and educational stuff. Create your store and deal with customers the best possible way.
  1. Optical store- Having your own optical shop? But looking for a perfect platform to build an online one. NDHGO online store builder is here to help you. Sell and promote your products online with us.
  1. Bags and luggage- Another kind of online store that you can build with the help of NDHGO is taking your bags and luggage store from offline to online store. Build your online presence now.
  1. Home and decor-Create your own online store with NDHGO, transform now and generate the best sales that you were earning from your offline shop of home and decor. Sell all your products from scented candles, side lamps, chandlers to curtains.
  1. Kids store- Build your kids store online with the help of NDHGO store builder. Now kids can also enjoy shopping theri stuff online under the guidance of their parents.
  1. Musical instruments- Do you deal in musical instruments such as guitar, violin, flute,sitar, dilrubab, bagpiper? But not getting much sales? NDHGO the online store builder is at your disposal. Sell your musical instruments online with us.
  1. Watches and Accessories- Who does not loves to shop their favourite classic watches and its accessories at the comfort of your home. This is possible with the help of online store builders where vendors can sell their stuff and buyers can shop from their favourite local trustworthy shops.


If looking to take your business online and build its online presence. NDHGO is the right choice as it has to offer various features and it is a one stop solution or all types of vendors no matter whichever products they are dealing in or from whichever industry they are from. NDHGO serves the best.