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October 11, 2022 2023-04-05 11:00


Take your business a notch higher with our multi-store eCommerce solution.

With the power of multi storefront, experience leading-edge eCommerce now.

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What can our Multi-store eCommerce solution do for you?

Future commerce is D2C

With the rapidly changing world of eCommerce, D2C is the way forward! Streamline the process and cut costs by selling directly to your customers. Create customised buying experience via our multi-store eCommerce solution.

Distinguish your brand

A major reason to opt for multistore eCommerce solution is so that all those businesses who are operating under multiple brand names can create their own stores to give their brand an identity. Want to gain a distinguished brand name? Wait no more.

Tap into new markets

As opportunities emerge in cross border commerce, many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of geographic diversification when it comes to their selling strategy. With our multi-store eCommerce solution manage your data better and make sure that your penetration in the market is noticed with a consistent framework.

Expand your customer base

As a seller with various business verticals, it is important to develop different website to cater to the right kind of audience and deliver them exceptional customer experience. Do not limit your customer base anymore. Let sky be the limit with ndhgo’s multi-store eCommerce solution.

Grow your business

Expand your business in new regions, across different segments- all managed from one place.

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Better customer

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Expanded into undiscovered customer segments

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Hike in targeted marketing decisions

We got you the solution. Let's grow!

Quick commerce simplified
Modern consumer journey revolves around speed. Quick commerce offers online retailers a way to compete with large marketplaces like Amazon etc. With the help of our multi-store eCommerce solution, open new horizons to your business’s existing USP, potentially benefit from every sale, and provide a wonderful customer experience while also fitting into the shoes of your clients.
Handle niche eCommerce websites
Have the freedom to build and manage specialised stores that are category or promotion specific via our multi-store ecommerce solution. Instead of using a one size fits all strategy, this will enable you to successfully segment your customer base and devise strategies like optimizing for search engines specific to the audience.
Geo-fence store service area
The massive strain placed on the supply chain after the pandemic is making it much harder for products to be promptly transported and delivered. Geofencing involves creating virtual boundaries around real-world areas. With our multi-store eCommerce solution, notify your local customers who express interest in certain products and get it delivered from a store located nearest to them.
Manage multiple store inventory
From growing sales to streamlining the operations of managing different inventory and customer segments, you can do it all from a single ndhgo dashboard via our multi-store ecommerce solution. Manage the inventory of all your existing stores and tailor it for any audience, any region. This also ensures similarity in brand experience across all stores. How authentic is that?
Hyperlocal delivery integration
Deliver your merchandise hassle-free to your customers. We have an integration of 30+ delivery partners that enables you to ship your products locally within hours or even minutes. Win over your customers with lightning-fast delivery with our hyperlocal delivery integration.

Frequently asked questions

What is multi-store eCommerce solution?

The concept behind multi-store eCommerce solution is so that uniform selling businesses operating under multiple brand names can create unique stores to give their brand an identity. ndhgo allows you to do that from one single dashboard.

Can you have multiple eCommerce stores?

ndhgo is the only SaaS, no code Enterprise Grade Cloud Commerce Platform that provides its customers the perfect multi-store eCommerce solution. From managing different inventory at multiple stores to delivering products to your customers from the store nearest to them, everything can be done from a single ndhgo dashboard.

How do I manage multiple online stores?

ndhgo has made multi-store eCommerce solution simpler than ever. Get onboarded on ndhgo and start selling from multiple online stores which you will now be able to manage from a single dashboard.

What is the best multi-store eCommerce platform?

ndhgo is the only eCommerce platform which offers the best multi-store eCommerce solution to its users. From growing sales to streamlining the operations of managing different inventory and customer segments, ndhgo provides it all.

Does shopify support multi-store eCommerce?

You can’t have multiple Shopify stores under one account, but with ndhgo you will be able to manage all your stores under a single account. Register with ndhgo’s Enterprise Cloud plan and get the perfect multi-store eCommerce solution right at your fingertips.

Make smarter decisions. Grow effortlessly with ndhgo!