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ndhgo vs Bikayi

August 29, 2022 2023-01-30 19:11

Looking for a Bikayi alternative?

Compare Bikayi to ndhgo and choose the right ecommerce platform to partner with.

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Product Level SEO

After getting your store online,the first question which comes to mind is, how to boost sales? Digital marketing can help you boost sales and improve your business.
Thus, we at ndhgo, are here to take care of all your needs. We provide advanced product level SEO to help your product stand out in search engines. 

Bikayi, on the other hand, does not provide custom SEO to their clients which means less visibility to your products and ultimately less sales.
Product Level SEO

NDHGO Free Plan

The free plan of NDHGO enables a seller to post his/her products online without any coding knowledge or an existing website. You can have a fully functioning online store for free and upgrade to more features once you get accustomed to the platform. Therefore, you  need not upgrade before you feel it is necessary. Wow, how convenient is that now!

Bikayi? Limited free trial.

Better priced plans

ndhgo is priced to be very cost-effective. We believe that your hard-earned money should stay where it is: in your pocket!

Our value based pricing model has many features at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, Bikayi cannot provide you with such features and at such reasonable costs.


We take care of your basic business needs, but what if you want more? 
In order to expand your business and widen your customer reach, NDHGO provides a wide variety of plugins that will take care of all your additional requirements, like analytics, marketing, customer service and many more with a hassle free installation process. 

Bikayi, on the other hand, does not provide any plugins. You will have to be content with the features they already have. What kind of an investment is that?

Scan and go

Having your store online saves your customers from long billing queues.How about having a solution for your offline store too?

Boost your sales, reduce your manpower and create a flawless customer experience with NDHGO’s Scan & Go feature, for your offline customers too.

NDHGO is the first mover and market leader to offer this AI powered Scan and Go feature to its customers. There is no other solution in the market currently which offers this unique feature.

Bikayi does not have the option to Scan and Go and who likes to wait in long queues anyway!

All the more reason to try us?

Multi store management

From centralising your inventory to order management, pricing and more., solve all your hassle of operating your multiple stores from one dashboard. We are here to address all your pain points and let you focus on more important aspects of online sales by operating it with a few clicks.

Bikayi does not provide the feature of multi store management. So if you are a store with multiple locations, and finding it difficult to manage your orders already then come join us.

Frequently asked questions

Does Bikayi have plugins?

Currently Bikayi does not have any plugins to supercharge their stores, but ndhgo has a host of plugins.

Does Bikayi have an In Store Express Checkout Feature?

No, Bikayi does not have an in-store express checkout feature, whereas ndhgo gives its users one of its flagship feature: “Scan and Go” to save you and your customers resources and time otherwise wasted in waiting in the long queue.

Does Bikayi have a master catalogue of products?

No, Bikayi does not have a master catalogue of products, whereas in the ndhgo has a master catalogue of 100,000+ products.

Does stores made with Bikayi has SEO support?

Stores powered by Bikayi does not have SEO support so they are hard to find in the myriad of websites on google however stores powered by ndhgo both product nd store level SEO support.