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ndhgo vs DotPe

August 29, 2022 2023-01-30 19:32

Looking for a DotPe alternative?

Compare DotPe to ndhgo and choose the right ecommerce platform to partner with.

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Start for free, upgrade when ready

ndhgo believes in offering technology with value based pricing to its customers. So, with us, you get to create your own professional storefront without spending a penny. Start with building your brand and only once when you’re ready to take a bigger step for your business, you can upgrade to add more functionalities. So, it’s a plan based on your convenience! Yes! How cool does that sound?

DotPe asks their customers to pay upfront before testing their solutions out. What kind of an investment is that?

Scan and Go

Having your store online saves your customers from long billing queues.How about having a solution for your offline store too?Boost your sales, reduce your manpower and create a flawless customer experience with ndhgo’s Scan & Go feature for your offline customers too.ndhgo is the first mover and market leader to offer this AI powered Scan and Go feature to its customers.There is no other solution in the market currently which offers this scan and go unique feature.DotPe does not have the option to Scan and Go. But who likes to wait in long queues anyway! 

All the more reason to try us?

Store Creation in seconds

Want to give your physical store a digital address? With ndhgo, it's just 3 clicks away. Our AI website builder feature gives you the power of creating a professional-looking e-commerce website in less than 30 seconds to sell, ship and process payments anywhere with absolutely 0 coding knowledge. Trust us, it doesn’t get simpler than this.With DotPe it takes a minimum of 3 days to get your store online. Who would want to wait this long to start an online store ?

Free Business Domain

A website domain is a online store’s digital address. At ndhgo, we do not joke around when we say that we will bring your brick and mortar store online, and we believe that the first step of that journey is giving you the domain of your choice. 

With DotPe’s plans it is pretty evident that you have to purchase their solutions first and then again pay extra for the domain of your choosing. It's criminal to charge you twice!

Open API

Don’t want to take the hassle of using another payment gateway? Want to deliver your products yourself instead of using ndhgo’s delivery partner integration? Integrate your own third party platforms hassle free with ndhgo’s open API where you can integrate with any third party application like loyalty, erp billing, system, logistics etc.

In DotPe, you are bound to use the payment gateway provided by them. Thinking about integrating any of your own third party features? 
You’ll have to think harder.

Advanced inventory with option of backorder

We take care of your inventory management for you. You can add inventory levels for all your products and in case you want to receive orders even when your stock is nil, we allow that to happen with our backorder option. Don’t let your customers go disappointed from your store. Give them this option to keep them loyal and satistfied.

In DotPe, you do not have the flexibility to take backorders. They don't give you this feature, so why compromise when you can opt for a superior product?

Barcode upload

Tired of uploading products manually?

Do not worry! ndhgo gives its customers the option to upload your products easily and non laboriously by simply scanning the product barcode.
Now scan and upload products on your storefront in a jiffy.

In DotPe, you have to go through the tedious task of uploading each product by making a separate entry or carrying the load to a CSV file. In case you have a store with thousands of SKU’s, good luck with that!

Frequently asked questions

Does Dotpe have a free trial?

No, Dotpe does not give a free trial, whereas with ndhgo’s Community plan the user can use it to build a feature rich functional ecommerce store for free.

Does Dotpe have an In Store Express Checkout Feature?

No, does not have an in-store express checkout feature, whereas ndhgo gives its users one of its flagship feature: “Scan and Go” to save you and your customers resources and time otherwise wasted in waiting in the long queue.

How much time does it take for DotPe to open a store?

DotPe takes no less than 3 days to create a store, whereas with ndhgo users.

Does Dotpe provide free hosting?

ndhgo gives free hosting with plans across the domain whereas dotpe does not.

Does Dotpe have a master catalogue of products?

No, Dotpe does not have a master catalogue of products, whereas in the ndhgo has a master catalogue of 100,000+ products.