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ndhgo vs Dukaan

August 29, 2022 2023-02-22 11:51

Looking for an alternative to Dukaan?

Compare Dukaan to ndhgo and choose the right ecommerce platform to partner with.

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Start for free, upgrade when ready

In the free plan of ndhgo, i.e. the Community Plan, you can get your products online without any coding knowledge or an existing website. You can have a fully functioning online store for free and upgrade to more features once you get accustomed to the platform. So basically, you don’t need to upgrade before you get your first sale. 

Dukaan? Limited free trial. And guess what? 
You need to pay for a whole month if you’re unable to create the store in 7 days. 
I mean, really?

Scan and Go

Having your store online saves your customers from long billing queues. How about having a similar solution for your offline store too?
For an amazing offline store experience, use ndhgo’s Scan and Go feature to boost your sales, reduce your manpower and create a flawless customer experience.
ndhgo is the first mover and market leader to offer this AI powered Scan and Go
feature to its customers. Currently, there is no other solution in the market which offers this scan and go unique feature.

Dukaan does not have the option to Scan and Go. But who likes to wait in long queues anyways!  All the more reason to try us!

Three layer category system

Do you have Thousands of SKUs with multiple categories and sub categories? Don’t worry, as we at ndhgo, provide you a platform to upload and manage large number of SKU’s with multi category hierarchy. Make your products stand out and help your customers find them easily.

In Dukaan, you can create categories upto 2 layers only. Why limit yourself when you have a better alternative?

Integrated loyalty and promotion program

With ndhgo you can create coupons and give discounts to your customers without installing any plugin. We give our users the flexibility to create advanced coupons with highly intuitive features. Here, the seller can create coupons for specific brands, categories and products, and set multiple basket ranges on which the coupons are applicable.

In Dukaan, you have the option to give your customers discount coupons, but with much less functionality or flexibility.  

Who will not want to get their money’s worth? Thus, go with ndhgo.

Back order

We take care of your inventory management for you. You can add inventory levels for all your products and in case you want to receive orders even when your stock is zero, we allow that to happen with our backorder option. Don’t let your customers go disappointed from your store.

In Dukaan, you do not have the flexibility to take backorders. Why compromise when you can opt for a superior product?

Frequently asked questions

Does Dukaan app give a free trial?

Yes, Dukaan does give a free trial. However, it only offers a 7 day free trial, whereas in the ndhgo Community plan there is no such time period for a free trial. The user can use the Community version for as long as he/she likes.

Does Dukaan charge a transaction fee?

Dukaan charges a 2.99% transaction fee in their Silver plan, 1.49% transaction fee in their Gold plan and 0.99% transaction fee in their Platinum plan. At ndhgo the transaction fee is 0%  with just a maximum limit for each of the plans.

Does Dukaan app have a master catalogue of products?

No, Dukaan at the moment does not have a master catalogue of products whereas ndhgo has a master catalogue feature in which there are more than 1,00,000+ products.

Does Dukaan app have a three-layer category?

Dukaan at the moment does not have the option to create a three-level category. Whereas at ndhgo you can easily make a three-level category.