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Compare Shopmatic to NDHGO and choose the right ecommerce platform to partner with.

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Better priced plans

Want to start your online business but not sure if it's worth the investment? 
Start with an investment of as low as INR 5999 anually with NDHGO. 
Get unbeatable speed, flawless store management and many more to build your own brand. Get people to know what impact you can make with your online presence.
After all, ndhgo won't let your hard- earned money go down the drain.

Shopmatic, on the other hand charges INR 18000 per year for having basic features. Worth the deal?

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Monthly Leaderboard

It is healthy to keep up with the competition. So we thought, why not have a monthly leaderboard feature that shows which seller is making maximum sales? Increase your competitiveness and not only get an idea about market sales but also implement strategies till you see yourself on the leaderboard.

Shopmatic helps you compete with yourself but doesn't have a benchmark to motivate you to work harder. But hey, we care for your growth curve more than anyone, that's for sure!

Catalogue builder

Anybody can set up your store online. But the real hassle starts now. Will they leave you to add products manually? Adding your products can be a real task and we are here to help you with that

We advise you not to waste your precious time.

The ‘Catalogue builder' feature by NDHGO will make your life 10x easier. Here’s how: NDHGO’s master catalogue provides 1,00,000+ ready to add products from various categories for easy upload by using our 'search by barcode' feature.
Save yourself from the tedious task of uploading products manually and instead upload them in a single click.

In Shopmatic, it’s a task to upload each product by making a separate entry or carrying the load to a CSV file. 
So, do you plan to upload thousands of SKUs individually after having a long day? Really?
We’re not letting you do that.
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Integrated Third Party Logistics

At NDHGO, the seller has the liberty to add third party logistics for swift and easy delivery. You can choose from over 30+ hyperlocal and ecommerce delivery partners.

As of now, Shopmatic does not have separate integrations, however, they only have their own shipping partner.

In short, at NDHGO you have plenty more options to deliver your products.

Payment gateway

Don’t want to take the hassle of using another payment gateway? Want to deliver your products yourself instead of using NDHGO’s delivery partner integration?  Integrate your own third party platforms hassle free with NDHGO’s open API, where you can integrate with any third party application like loyalty, erp billing, system, logistics etc.

In Shopmatic, you are bound to use the payment gateway provided by them. Thinking about integrating any of your own third party features? 
You’ll have to think harder.
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We at NDHGO have a host of powerful tools and extensions available to assist you in conducting your business online. These tools and extensions are optional but a definite addition to your store. You can choose to integrate them according to your needs and enhance your customer experience.

Shopmatic does not have a wide variety of plugins to provide, so you are stuck with the limited features that their plans have to offer. We don’t believe in clipping your wings and restricting your freedom. Just demand your wish, and let us be your genie!

Integrated loyalty and promotion program

At NDHGO we have the option to set loyalty programs to keep customers in the loop. Not only this, we also give the seller an option to make advanced coupons (based on brand, category and product) to attract customers. No other plugin is required.

At Shopmatic, there is neither a loyalty program feature nor any advanced coupon feature. Thus, we leave it upto you to take the next step!

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with NDHGO!