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How much will it cost to make a website like Big Basket? online grocery store

Though it is not easy to tell the cost for creating a website like Big Basket, it is based on client requirements and features that decide the cost. It is a hard task to create a feature-rich grocery delivery mobile website/app. Therefore, one has to join as a partner with a capable and mobile app development company that can develop needed IT foundations and build a user-friendly online grocery store that is bound with a complete package. 

The usual overall cost to make a website like Big Basket is evaluated by its complex nature, the platform you choose, and the country as Big Basket app developers and charges may vary depending on the pace approx $10,000 to $30,000 for a particular platform. 

Some factors to consider to estimate the expenses to make a online grocery store website like Big Basket.

  • The website and app platform- Android charges higher than the iOS platform-mainly has more testing devices.
  • Website and app size
  • Basic features
  • Website or app design- the cost of an app like Big Basket relies on designs since it is essential for fancy purchasers by influencing them to make a purchase. Also, the website should be user friendly.
  • Website developer- development cost of Big Basket website or app varies depending with a good and experienced developer is essential as his location and skills also influence the development of the website.
  • Position Tracking
  • External and advanced features
  • My cart feature
  • Active Basket
online grocery store
How much will it cost to make a website like Big Basket_ online grocery store


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