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What are the 7 best e-commerce platform for free to build an online store?


You’ll need an e-commerce platform if you’re starting a digital firm or growing your existing offline store into the virtual world. Better yet, choose one of the famous digital e-commerce store builder available for free. They will allow you to create, maintain, and expand your online store for a monthly cost of zero dollars.

There is no single way to running an online business. It all relies on your offerings, your target demographic, and your personality traits.

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As a result, several e-commerce store builder are accessible in the market to meet diverse requirements. The challenge is figuring out which is suitable for you.

Here we have curated a list of the 7 best free e-commerce platform for free to build your online store.


WooCommerce is a free, accessible e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows people to sell both online and offline goods through their sites. To utilise WooCommerce, it is essential to have a WordPress website already up and running. It’s endlessly flexible and expandable because it’s open-source, but it also implies you’ll need to have some coding skills to utilise it effectively. Dozens of different templates and add-ons are available for this e-commerce online store builder. Computerized tax assessment, promotions and offers, inventory management, statistics, online ordering, and the possibility to incorporate a weblog to assist enhance your SEO are all features you can anticipate.

2. Weebly- 

Weebly is yet another excellent free e-commerce platform. While Weebly’s features aren’t as popular as other online store builders on this list, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality product.

Weebly provides a 100% free package, but you won’t be able to use your web address. You will see Weebly adverts instead- But you’ll still have a well-designed website with retail capabilities, advertising strategies, and other features.

Shopping cart capabilities, goods and quick shop, order processing, in-store pickup option, computerized tax estimator, vouchers, and e gift cards are all included in the free plan offered by Weebly.

3. Big Cartel-

Big Cartel was created “for artists to assist producers of all types in developing a personalized online store to sell their stuff. Big Cartel has four subscription programmes, one of which is entirely free. One of Big Cartel’s most appealing characteristics is how simple it is to establish, as there aren’t many themes or options to pick from. 

4. Square Online Store- 

Square Online Store is a free program that allows people to sell virtual and analog products. Square’s online payment fees are the only charges you’re accountable for. This online store builder offers customers unlimited templates for creating their stores, which are SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly. An Instagram and Pinterest connection, free SSL encryption, and a slew of advertising and reporting tools are included in the free plan.

5. BigCommerce-

 BigCommerce is an online store builder that is highly common across small and enterprise-level entrepreneurs. BigCommerce provides a free 15-day trial. With BigCommerce, you can sell your goods on social media and other sites like Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and esty in addition to your online store. BigCommerce’s plans scale the cost of sales, not product constraints.

6. Freewebstore-

 Another free e-commerce online store builder on the list is Freewebstore; its name says it all-it is a platform for every small to large businesses to utilise and create their online store- no matter which niche they are from, whether its a clothing store or an online Kirana store. It offers your free templates, themes and other features such as SSL security, various payment methods etc. It’s not a wrong value when you consider that you may sell up to 20 things for free. The themes are fantastic, and they’re both desktop and mobile-friendly.

7. Strikingly- 

Strikingly is not as famous as the other online store builders, but it ranks at a good number when creating a simple yet classy website for free. It is a free e-commerce platform that allows users to create their own online store with various themes and templates to choose from. The goal of Strikingly is to help you “grow your identity” and “beat the globe. They also allow you to make superior designs and provide you with excellent features and a simple yet easy website.

These are some of the best free e-commerce platforms to build an online store, but what makes NDHGO the best among them? 

online store builder
What are the 7 best e-commerce platform for free to build an online store?

Why NDHGO is a great online store builder?

You can effortlessly run your digital store using NDHGO, India’s top online store builder. With our one interface, you can access orders, deliveries, and payments from anywhere. You may be able to handle all of your commercial transactions in one place. Receive digital payments instantaneously and use our app to manage all transactions, returns, and payouts.


All of the e-commerce store builders mentioned above are among the most significant e-commerce platforms available today. As a result, the reliability of your e-commerce host shouldn’t be a factor in deciding which system is best for you. Instead, think about the elements you want or need, the kind of company you run, and powerful how much money you have to invest.