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What is the cost of an online grocery app similar like grofers?

If you are planning to run online grocery store, you can launch a personal online grocery store with an online grocery app builder for increasing your sales. These apps help gain high popularity and customers, and thus, you maximise your profit.

For the initial step, launching a marketplace like Grofers is one of the best ideas as such apps are in high demand and help people order their daily essentials easily.

online grocery
online grocery

The cost of an online grocery app similar to Grofers usually depends on various factors which affect the cost of such app:

Functionality or features of the app which you want to include

It relies on the design of the app

Factors such as coding structure

Experience of the developer that is hired

The platform or technology you want to launch like Android, iOS or both.

The timeline and development cost of similar cost like Grofers

The designing of the app takes nine working days

Android app development takes 25 working days

iOS app development requires 25 working days

Web backend and Apis around 30 working days

Testing, bug fixing and deployment takes seven working days


The approximate cost of developing an app similar to an online grocery store is 5000 to 8000 USD. 


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